In the author's words: On the benefit of doubt and the critical thinking in a world that puts value in sentimentalism, in being absolutely certain —if possible, very loud too–, the polarization and the “every opinion is respectable” mantra.

In my words: on the dangers of bypassing justice to judge people, turning the “innocent unless you prove me guilty” into a “guilty unless you prove me innocent”, and the dangers of having 10.000 idiots in the need of a flag to wave.

was he ever proven innocent or guilty? I didn't follow at all.


@ghil I have little to no idea. His private life or movies haven't really interested me, so wasn't even aware of who Soon-Yi or Dylan Farrow were. The book uses the case to talk about more general aspects of life these days, and it's organised in a way [A: Woody case, and B: analysis of the factors that have made such a “thing” possible] that one could ignore the case itself. It is mention though, that the abuse accusations were dismissed in the 90s, so I guess they could not prove him guilty.

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