Forget about San Miguel. The only spanish beer you need is either Ámbar, Estrella Galicia, or Alhambra 😎

As if we didn't have enough with SpaceX, now OneWeb's plans of having a fleet of up to 42000 satellites is back thanks to the U.K. government and Bharti Global help of $1 billion 😮 - we need international regulations to protect the sky from private matters asap

Good news today! I might be able to spend summer back in Spain and get to do some astro! Sadly enough, clouds are everywhere these days so couldn't even go hunting! Here's one from last August in León, where dad is from.

It's all I needed and one can't buy alcohol after 20h today, so:

I just left the shop with 24 rolls of toilet paper and beer and I've got all the funny stares at the queue 😅

Good thing about my insomnia is getting to listen to the shipping forecast again. Ah, old London times.

“Thames, cyclonic 4 to 6, showers, moderate occasionally very poor” 🇬🇧

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Haha (Stop Islamisation of Norway) just got their Parliament demonstration completely hacked by a bunch of people with massive speakers dancing to some sort of reggae–dubstep. Or something like that. Oslove 🇳🇴✊

Managed to put the coffee mug on the table before I sneezed for the first time in my life XD

Dr. Oetker you're my favourite doctor. Alright my second favourite after Dr. Who.

So my cat Patrick 🇨🇮 won't eat the same food more than two days in a row, or from any type of plastic plate (ever), or from anything that's been reused more than 3-4 times. I think he'll get the “Sir” pretty soon.

Also happy Friday earthlings, especially for those who will deploy to prod today 🤘

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Seriously I'm hopeless using the laptop with just one monitor and no mechanical keyboard.

What a delight it is to be able to experiment during office hours with whatever library or technology you want to try. Some weeks ago it was the combo, today golang's CLI app generation .

Ah, I love my job and I love the Norwegian working culture.

Can't get over how good Paladin's “Cosmic Angst” is. Probably the best money I ever spent on a 3 track album. Name your own price here:

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