The necessary step to a life away from one's homeland.

I cannot say no to Marlene Dietrich. The other two have been purely collateral damage to my bank account.

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Major love and respect to the Polish MP’s who co-ordinated their outfits to create a rainbow flag at the swearing in for their homophobic president Andrzej Duda 🏳️‍🌈


So I've been digging into some prod issues today and ended up wondering if I was at risk of reaching the other side of the planet. Of course there is a tool to know where I'd pop out:

I should stop digging into prod issues asap because there's a lot of water there! 😱

Alright so finally a dancing lesson I can probably follow. Can't wait to try all these moves 😎 Happy Friday!

I really dislike these modern websites with massive headers, endless scroll with stuff fading in and out and whatnot. Where's the old, fast and useful web?

Remember Isinbayeva's in Pekín 2008? That's the size of the covid business. Fuck sake.

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Alright so I got tested for covid and I am, for once, happy to be very negative. Bad news is I got a fucking pole up my nose and that wasn't fun, no.

Darkness is slowly stretching! By August 20th we should start having official night time and not only astronomical twilight! I can't wait!

I wrote “fucked up” in Intellij and this "profanity rule” complained about it. You could said I've paid a license to have a second mom, the difference being I could deactivate this one in two clicks! (ha!)

I have the book, I have (2 copies of) the DVDs, and in these times of utter ignorance when it comes to science I could not recommend it well enough. That's my afternoon!

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Carl Sagan's “Cosmos” would be a mandatory part of my class if I were a school/high school teacher.

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8 years ago yesterday I was at my home in East London watching London's 2012 Opening Ceremony at the TV, and taking pictures like this one of the Olympic Stadium from our park. Time flies, guys. Time flies...

Which reminds me of one of those music documentaries that are worth watching regardless of whether you like the genre or not. The amazing “scratch”:

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