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Last one for now. The Heart and Soul Nebulae in Ha, from Munich.

74x45" f/2.8 ISO3600 subs, 15 darks
Canon 6D (Astro mod) + Samyang 135mm
iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Happy Friday everyone!🍺

Just finished watching Charité “Cold War”. Such a brilliant series!

Some tweaks here and there regarding timing and ofc not considering proper CW protocol, but I managed to "transmit" CQ DE EA2EVN and couldn't be happier! It's been some weeks of ear training, now it's typing turn! 😎

Cheers for the great idea @fedops

Original code:

Never had any trouble updating & upgrading my ubuntu work laptop. Now, after the MDATP made it into it, it hanged while wait for it, wait for it: unpacking an azure-cli update with that wdavdaemon sky rocketing in top. Ah god damnit, how much patience do I need, exceptions configured or not.

At least is Wednesday and the week is almost over.

Sometimes, the best music is pure nature. A volcano recorded by Geir Jenssen (it had to be done by a Norwegian).

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This UPS very useful tracking info reminds me of the local bar I used to go and buy ice creams when I was a kid:

“No free drinks today, that's tomorrow”

So we've been told the new approach will be max 2.5 days working from home. Does that mean I can do 2.5 days at home and the other 2.5 days in a cafe, both back in Spain?🤔

Feels good.

Quite a nice afternoon talking to Belarus, Russia, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia and Spain. Especially nice the chat with home - 🇪🇸 EA4BB, cheers!

Follo is many things:
–An FM repeater 📡
–A municipality in Oslo 🇳🇴
–The 1st person, present simple of the verb “follar”, meaning “to fuck” in Spanish 😂

Nice being back home, finally.

So happy with the new wedge for the guider! But back to curfew in Germany and Norway should have no proper night anymore. Ah, god damnit.

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Moody thoughts about the e-life 

And this comes out of seeing how good businesses and people (clothes, restaurants, name it...) are struggling when their main source of income gets derailed by a pandemic.

What if, at some point, what's not allowed to use is what keeps our work safe? What will I do instead?

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Moody thoughts about the e-life 

It might sound stupid, but I am thinking that whenever all our digital life goes to hell, I better have other useful working experience.

And it is not just working, but everything, e.g who knows how to use a compass, and a map? anybody has ever documented a piece of work using an actual library? that is, going there in the first place, not after an internet search.

I'm in this a bit of a hopeless mood these days.

Sick-of-tech day. Honestly there are days in which I'd rather work handpicking lentils.

And last one. The groove of this, the echoed vocals, the reverberated piano, that thick bass... Ah, Sähkö 🇫🇮 ❤️

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