Was wondering about the amount of Novak movies in TCM these days, but now I get it. Interesting interview to one of my favourites, together with Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall.


Got to talk to my friend Steve, in the US. Mississippi, blues, country, the Carters...

That brings me to Mother Maybelle and the reason I still think nobody was or ever will be even close to her finger-picking.


Kim Novak in “Bell, book and candle” omg <3

Got one of these little beasts today. Not the easiest thing to master as it has a myriad of features, but things as SWR and Smith analysis are easy enough for my current level.

I have two dual band antennas, but they are not that dual. At least, between both, I cover VHF/UHF!


Best album of 2021. That's it, I don't need the other 10 months.

It has everything. A charming piano melody, incredibly long atmospheric pads, the good old Detroit Techno vibe... and a monumental jazzy remix by Aki Rissanen you bloody genius.

Sahko love. Nostalgia.


Got my long time wanted Boards of Canada “Music has the right to children” and I can listen to that album for yet another million times. Whoever doesn't like ROYGBIV, Olsen, Kaini Industries, etc., has no soul.

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More on the matters, I spent some time designing my QSL card, and it is ready to be sent either electronically or via bureau whenever I get into the bands with a proper transceiver.

I took the pic years ago! Ah, Zaragoza, you beauty.

For those into CW, IZ2UUF is an awesome one to learn. Forget about learning it graphically - it's useless.

I read @yarmo's toot about github so I thought of migrating a small tool I'm doing ham radio related to download digital contacts from radioid.net to GitLab. It's premature as f* but it works in my Anytone 878 and I get rid of those names in all caps that made me cry a bit.


—Hællæ, is this the Spanish Embassy in Oslo?
—Yes, how can we help you?
—Wanted to inform you I'm finally staying home.

Cheers dad, this was the best

Look, scribd et al: f* you. This should be made illegal.

Now go on, enjoy my money.

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Today I got an email from paypal saying my membership in what was it? scribd? was renewed, receipt attached, blabla. I thought I had cancelled that service right after I had signed in just for a radio book to study, so I go back and check my profile. Surprise surprise, it was active so I go on swearing and start searching how to do it again.

After 3 or 4 "are you sure?" pages full of bs I get to the final one - right at the end, in tiny font, I see the "yeah go ahead" or whatever link.

Any hams here into DMR? I was thinking it'd be very cool to have some QSOs with people in fosstodon!

“Hi Rubén, I see you're interested in data management [...]”

... s..sure...

“... you might be interested in the book blabla cloud blabla for dummies”

stupid LinkedIn I just get motivational messages, advertising, and people calling me Robin Robert Rupert and whatnot.

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