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You ever get really angry and tell someone to jump off of a very low to the ground ledge as not to hurt themselves but to still give you the satisfaction of them jumping off of something πŸ˜‚

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I can't sleep an I have to work at 4am, this is gonna be fun lol. I'm gonna be a zombie lol

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Please donate to Mozilla Corporation, their CEO is trying to scrape by on just a little over $3,000,000/year. I’m sure you can all relate to how hard that can be so, please, dig deep this giving season.


Have you ever accessed the dark web/deep web?

I played with Tails OS today it's pretty neat. Privacy is pretty epic my dudes

Oh no Facebook fell down....
(Begins kicking them while they are down)

I wonder when people will finally start to care about privacy, maybe they will at least begin to care when it's too late.

The coolest XMR logo I've seen recently, wallpaper material if you love XMR

The worse kind of people are the people who see someone likes or enjoys something and they go out of their way just to tell the person enjoying it that it's stupid or a waste of time. If you are like this please do me a favor and don't be an ass your whole life :)

Me all day: Nope, not going to buy this dip
Bitcoin: (Jumps off a cliff)
Me: I need my wallet right now where did I put it


Cardano is looking like it will actually shape up to be a real battle for Ethereum. I'm interested in what this comparison will look like in 5 years.

I just updated to the Android 12 beta again, but this time it's fabulous and it works correctly :)

Why do you use GNU/Linux instead of something like OpenBSD or FreeBSD, is it purely an ethical reason or maybe package availability, I'm actually curious to see what you guys and gals have to say?

I forgot how much I really like the budgie desktop enviornment, it's super clean

I decided to install :endeavourOS: because I've never given it much of a look before, normally I stay with debian based systems because I like the stability but switching it up won't hurt too much

Uh oh I kinda wanna distro hop on my desktop again lol

What are some of your favorite or most useful CLI programs

This was also a test to make sure it was actually working fully

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