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I will be moving into my own apartment tomorrow finally πŸ‘

Any monero fans should like this, I honestly don't remember where I found it but thought it was cool

Polygon(MATIC) becoming its own chain and not just being another side chain of Ethereum is what I like to hear

I hate that when i'm at work i can think of 100 things to do when i get home rather it be things i need to do or just want to do but when i have a day off i can't think of anything to do at all

I've become so lazy that I don't even configure my own vimrc anymore I just install and call it a day lol, it's not the best but it's not terrible either and I'm kinda getting used to the keybinds here as well.

So I had already heard about tmux a billion times and always ignored it but holy crap this is awesome :blobcatcool:

Linux is annoying sometimes but I still prefer it

I really enjoy playing with :ruby: probably going to make some sort of basic Linux program install script maybe for stuff like terminal, web browser, text editor and so on. I think it would be cool to make plus I might actually use it next time I nuke my system :ruby:

Just for fun a made a very basic ruby script that downloads the :endeavourOS: endeavourOS.torrent file from their GitHub, there is no real world use for that I don't think because you could just download it in your web browser but I just wanted to see if I could do it lol :ruby:

I'm not actually doing anything for Christmas until tomorrow however still Merry Christmas and stuff πŸŽ„

Do you do anything with cryptocurrency?

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:ruby: I've been playing around with ruby a little bit after work lately, I like it. I'm just messing with it for fun not for any particular reason I just thought why not lol.

I'm making a darknet site because I'm bord and I'm going to make it as meme focused and edgy as possible and I don't care if it's cringe πŸ˜‚

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Trying tut, a TUI client for Mastodon. I really love how it works. It's much better than opening a modern browser just for browsing my timeline. And writing my posts in vi make me feel just at home.

Probably the best TUI client for Mastodon, since I've only found other one written in Python. I avoid as much as possible Python programs because they're awfully slow and they pull a ton of dependencies. Anyway, if you have recommendations for any other TUI client for Mastodon, just let me know.

I'm sure the developers will really appreciate your contributions :)

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This holiday season donate either your time and intelligence or your money to FOSS programs and applications that you use, they deserve it :)

So I finally got an apartment, so that's cool, but my bank is in pain after paying the deposit lol

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