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I kinda wanna start learning more about gpg i barely understand it but from what i do know it seems pretty cool and also incredibly useful

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When you use a GUI file manager which one do you use?

Lemonade is just acid with sugar in it but it's pretty good acid to be fair lol πŸ‹

I was in a freezer all day, so that's how my day went lol

If you turn keyboard click sounds on your phone on while in public you are a monster, this isn't an opinion this is a fact πŸ˜‚

EndeavorOS is currently being installed on my laptop, it's been on my desktop for a few months now so might as well put it on my laptop too :endeavourOS:

Do you guys have any good gruvbox wallpapers?

Here's a crazy idea, wait wait hear me out. So it's like a manager but they actually listen to their employees... I know it's a little far fetched but maybe it could be beneficial lol

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Are there any Distros that you feel lack seeders in their download?

I feel like downloading some and contributing a little...

OpenBSD is pretty nice to be honest I've kept a VM around for quite a while now and every time I play around on it I really enjoy it. Also the logo is amazing lol gotta love the pufferfish lol :openbsd:

I put PopOS on a USB for a coworker, how is your Linux evangelism going? Lol

Got spectrwm running on my laptop and decent looking after a few hours of messing around with it, i have used it before but it has been a little while

Do you use Orbot? :tor:

Just because something can be used in an evil way doesn't mean it can only be used in an evil way, Tor is a very good example, sure you could do some pretty terrible dealings on the dark web but the vast majority don't do that, they simply want a basic human right called privacy. :tor:

You ever get really angry and tell someone to jump off of a very low to the ground ledge as not to hurt themselves but to still give you the satisfaction of them jumping off of something πŸ˜‚

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