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The 2 party system is stupid, people should run on their own ideas and merit, not on the back of a group.

For example, Joe Bob is running for president, his first goals as president would be to
1.) X
2.) Y
3.) Z

See no party needed.

If you haven't watched Loki yet, I would recommend it, it's pretty good.

"Don't do X it's such a risk" I hate this mindset, if you don't risk anything you will never gain anything.

New blog post :)

Also RSS is probably the best way to stay up to date with my stuff, maybe ill make RSS special post lol

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The blog isn't worth reading if you are reading this because i'm just going to say it here as well.

I'm going to try to start simi-regularly making blog posts again :)

Current desktop wallpaper, I don't remember where I found this but I'm happy I did :)

If you like face paced speed-running style games check out SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell on Steam, it's a blast honestly

(I know many use tiling window managers but this isn't about that, just pick one lol)

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Hey there, those of you in the crypto world, what wallet would you recommend?
Curious to hear your thoughts. 😁

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I'm going to try to do everything through the superapp. Work, messaging, payments, gaming, everything. I'm even sending this message on the Status app!
It's FOSS, peer-to-peer, and a great productivity tool for the privacy-concious people.
I definitely recommend:

I set up a retirement plan today, I'm young so hopefully setting it up now will allow me to do what I want (mostly) when I'm older.

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I know many of you here don't like crypto currencies at all but ETH is super interesting to read about and I find the number of applications for ETH super cool.

I like matrix but I just don't have much reason to use it because I don't know many people and the people I do know don't use matrix.

Showed my dad NewPipe and my dad's exact words were "Why would anyone ever use the YouTube app then?" He's right, use NewPipe ladies and gents

Stop trying to make everyone agree with you.

A.) It's a waste of time
B.) It's literally impossible to get every human on the same page.

Just do what you are doing and leave others alone. If you want to discuss differences go for it but for the love of all things holy stop calling people Nazis because they don't like the same pizza toppings as you (This is an exaggerated to show a point)

Side note my dad doesn't use any social media but he would just rather see people using Mastodon over something like the birdapp, yes I refuse to say it's name lol

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My dad has told people to join Mastodon and delete the birdapp, it appears I have convinced him that FOSS is the way to go

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