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Just changed up my phone setup, decided to go minimal. Pretty happy with how it came out.

How often do you check on your cryptocurrencies?

Has anyone tried out the Android 12 beta? Is it stable? Is it worth using now or should I wait... So many questions lol

To old people: The world wasn't so much safer when you were a kid, you were just oblivious to the evils of the world.

I bought the Pixel 5 yesterday and it's pretty good, my bank account is in pain but it's a good phone lol

There is a difference in advocating for free software and being a jerk, someone isn't stupid for using the only thing they know, be nice or don't expect people to switch or even give free software a try.

Anyone have a link to any good xmpp group chats? I'm new to xmpp and wanna give it a try.

You are not a bad person for using some proprietary software, sometimes you don't have a choice

I hate working Saturdays in retail that's the day made just to give you a glimpse of hell.

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I just got to work haven't even clocked in yet and already want to go home I'm so sleepy :ac_sleepy:

I thought my day off doing nothing would be nice but it's not, I'm super bored and frustrated because I can't find anything to do πŸ™ƒ

I have the day off, I'm going to do absolutely nothing 😁

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Also just throwing this out there: if you would like help porting your game to Linux, feel free to DM me. I can't promise I'll get it done, or that it'll be quick if it *is* done, but I'll at least give it a shot for free. I've always developed Linux-first so it'd be fun and I'm always up for more native games 🀷

What payment model do you prefer for expensive items?

My phone punished me for trying to add gapps today, it wiped my phone I should have known that would happen but oh well I guess lol

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Everybody wants to change the world, but only the fewest are willing to change themselves

There was a grease fire where I work and no one knew how to use a fire extinguisher but me, people are stupid, I guess its a good thing I was working today

I've already told my coworkers about the atrocities of Google and Facebook, they don't hate me yet and they seems genuinely curious about it.

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