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Do you believe in aliens?

Regardless of your beliefs or ideologies free software is benefical to everyone

I mostly care about key logging when it comes to privacy because I don't went big tech knowing how often I mistype words 馃槀

Diversity is taken too far sometimes 

Diversity is great don't get me wrong but companies have gone overboard with it, it shouldn't matter who the person is applying to the job if they have the required degree or certification and work experience then hire them. Don't say oh well we would hire you but we have too many (enter race here) people...That's racial discrimination.

Trigger warning 

This is just to show how people often look for things to get mad at... You have been bamboozled kiddo 馃槀

I'm just curious, which one do you use?

Which thinkpad should I buy?

Where do you thinkpad lovers buy older thinkpads? Just eBay or is there other sites? :thinkpad:

Personal responsibility is something people seem to have forgotten about, but it's extremely important.

Finally after a little over a year I found a job today, it's not a tech related job but the pay is good and the people I met seem pretty nice so I'm happy with what I know about the job so far.

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Friendly reminder to donate to your favourite FOSS applications if you can spare the money.

Easy way to show devs some love and keep them motivated.

Which search engine do you use?

Thoughts on this theme?
I was just looking though the preinstalled themes in doom emacs and found one called doom-vibrant and i kinda like it. :emacs:

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I'm really not sure what it is about the vim keys that is just so awesome but the vim keys truly are a drug, once you learn it you can't live without it. :vim:

I've been doing a lot more with RSS readers and I already knew they were fantastic but I've been re-reminded how great they are :rss:

Ok, let's settle this you bunch of nerds

What's the best shell
If you use something different comment.

Is there a way to get RSS feeds from odysee?

NixOS is kinda intresting, might just have to try it in a VM or something

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