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I just made the chat room encrypted, forgot to do that before hand oops

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So i made a matrix chat room for newb programmers like myself to ask questions and not feel like a complete moron of course also to talk about coding stuff in general. Feel free to join. :)

I've never understood why people like IRC, someone want to explain it? Maybe I'm missing something.

I realized I had a problem when I ate an entire family size bag of spicy nacho doritos, the issue is I still want more lol

The idea that acceptance means overly praise people for being different than you is beyond stupid, acceptance is simply not caring if someone is different. That simple.

What mobile phone browser do you use?

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is currently under investigation by the SEC for selling the LBC. The SEC claims that LBRY credits are unregistered securities and thus selling them is illegal. This threatens many crypto tokens and might have a big impact on the blockchain industry.

Im certainly not a financial expert but I do trust LBRY and support their goal of revolutionizing content distribution. If you want to support them, consider singing the petition or share.

No plans to jump ship soon but just so i have some opinions before my next jump which of these should i jump to next?

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I found this Mastodon gif, looks cute.

Although, poor computer :(

I've learned the best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else, it shows where you are strong and where you need some work.

When they ask a question like "Why does ______ do _______?" and you say "Uhhhhhh" you know you need some work lol

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I am... not a programmer. I am, however, very interested in learning Python. What are some decent options for learning Python online? I'm not averse to paid options provided they're quality teaching (aka NOT codecademy, which is, pretty much garbage)

I haven't wrote a blog post recently so i decided to today, also no the post isn't about RMS or that situation at all.
I probably just think of a better title for it.

Openboard is such a good keyboard I forgot I was using a FOSS keyboard, kinda just feels like default which is always a good thing. The only criticism I have for it would be the emoji list being a vertical scrolling list kinda sucks.

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JavaScript is weird, I want to learn it but its just very odd to me.

I love scam callers, they are so fun to mess with.

He said that I owed money on a car that I don't own lol

If you have ever tried to learn anything coding related on YouTube or other video platforms you know the pain of people saying "I'm going to teach you how to _____" and then they type 30000 words a second and go "Thank you for watching my video :)"

I told myself im just gonna take a 5 min nap, i then proceed to sleep for many hours lol

Well I beat Pokémon Shield, it was fun still haven't decided if I want to be a completionist or not though, do I really have to catch them all lol

I saw this on reddit and thought it would make the perfect mobile wallpaper

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