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I've been trying to think of something to make to learn a bit more C but i'm having a hard time, any recommendations for a beginner to C?

Life is hard and you only make it harder if you want to blame everyone else for your shortcomings. Personal responsibility is key to getting anywhere in life.

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FEDIVERSE PARTY is a very interesting website demonstrating different federated networks and provides useful information and categorizes them in a very modern and intuitive way.

Are you Interested in Fediverse? Try the link below to explore.

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If you are reddit user but you want Foss :opensource: your life. Look no further Got your back! 😎

Just wrote a very basic calculator in C, not much but mostly happy with the results.

I keep seeing things online saying learning C is pointless and that people should just learn C++. Why is this exactly?

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which shift-key is your default?

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Tusky is a lightweight open source (GPL-3.0) client for Mastodon. Most of the Mastodon APIs have been implemented and there are also some features not found in the web app (multiple emoji styles and draft toots 😀).

Tusky supports multiple accounts so you can keep track of all the spaces you frequent (but why would you is where it's at 😉).

Install from the Play Store, F-Droid, or an APK.

Day 11

Made my first little program in C today, its just a simple little program where you make a selection and it returns the appropriate value (Its like a vending machine lol)

All different %(insert variable here) in C is a bit weird but i think im kinda starting to catch on... i hope i am at least lol

Gonna try my hand at learning C, this should be interesting.

What do you use?

Hey there users, drop some of your favorite packages in the comments. I'm really interested in what you guys are using. :)

Decided im gonna go gruvbox on my system :) this is gonna take a bit

I love nord theme but im kinda thinking about switching it up, any recommendations??

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A few years back I used to find confusing mainly because I really didn't try to understand what's happening and how to use it. Today I can't live without RSS and I hope it never goes away!

I finally added RSS to my site so im now a gigachad right? lol

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