Zelda Breath of the Wild has consoomed my life again and I'm very ok with that lol

I can't get an WiFi at my house so I have to use a mobile hotspot for everything, it's actually surprisingly fast

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Poll here, feel free to comment if not on list:

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What are your thoughts on Debian(Sid)?

I don't currently have internet connection at my house so I've been going back and playing some games and I forgot how much I loved Zelda Breath of the Wild, it really is an amazing game

I didn't have cell service for a few days so having it now is pretty cool

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Saying, "Why want privacy if you have nothing to hide?" is the same as saying, "Why want freedom if you're not going to commit crimes?".

@garritfra I learn something new in vim like every week now, thanks for this dude

@tomosaigon I really like the vim community on Lemmy as well as nearly all the Linux communities.

@metalune yeah thats why i said suits me perfectly lol.
Using any other keyboard layout is always a pain though you have to rebind basically everything for every program. I think you can rebind the keys for vifm too but im not 100% sure

I thought i would never find a better terminal file manager than ranger but i finally game vifm a try and it suits me perfectly. It may not have image previews(by default) but it truly is amazing for anyone who loves the vim keys :)

I know I'm said this before but please give lemmy a try, its an amazing reddit alternative here is a link to a mobile client you can install from the fdroid store f-droid.org/packages/com.krawi

What thinkpad would you recommend to someone who likes their laptop to be very portable?

I've been looking into thinkpads a bit but a little advice would be greatly appreciated.

Digital privacy really shouldn't be something that people are compromising on, it's absolutely baffling to me the amount of people who know about the atrocities of the modern web and simply ignore it and or play it off as "not a big deal"

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin?

Anyone have a recommended laptop in the 300 USD range?

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