@metalune yeah screw you laptop, that will show you who's boss 😂

Played TF2 for a little while today and that game as much as I love it is almost unplayable at times do to the infestation of bots

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@nebunez There will always be racist people, you can't control what someone thinks.

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@nebunez racism and nazis are on a decline at least in the US, they aren't more prominent but when everyone is labeled as one of those things I can see how it appears that way.

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The words racist, nazi and fascist have actually definitions, either use them correctly or stop using them because at this point they mean almost mean nothing.
For example, someone says 'he's a nazi' they almost never mean the person is antisemitic they mean they disagree with them. If you can't defend your point of view so you turn to insults and labels then you do not truly believe in your point of view or you don't have a point of view so you follow the mobs online.

I had to go to an orientation at my work and they paid me for 4 hours even though I was there for an hour so that's pretty epic

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Free and Open Source Speedtest. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit. librespeed.org

Back pain is annoying and it needs to stop lol

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@evandornbusch I've been having to use a mobile hotspot, which worked but wasn't good by any means.

I finally have an internet connection at my house woohoo (I live in the middle of nowhere)

@sakkara I know I want to use Arch of OpenBSD for sure I was just having a hard time choosing, I did run Debian for a bit as well and I loved it though

@sakkara I've ran Arch before on my current system and OpenBSD in a VM and I like both, but you did bring up some good points

@Nujtag also wanted to add if you want a good FOSS keyboard OpenBoard is great, the only downside is that it doesn't have swipe typing, I've been using it for almost a year I think and its perfect for me at least

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