I've already told my coworkers about the atrocities of Google and Facebook, they don't hate me yet and they seems genuinely curious about it.

New blog post, there is an RSS feed if you are interested on my website as well as on my profile here :)


Does anyone know of a keyboard that supports Mandarin Chinese?

Lemmy only has one issue that I can see and that's it doesn't have much of a user base at the moment but it has potential for sure.

We can change that issue:

To know that there are people out there who have no idea what Linux or FOSS anything is kinda makes me sad.

My parents started asking me about privacy and security apps and website. I'm so proud of them right now lol
Make no mistake I recommended free and open source software

Anyone have an recommended email services?

I'm trying to get away from proprietary emails.

Deleted my Facebook account and Twitter account both in the same week lets keep this going lol, can't wait to get to 100%

I don't talk about politics much mostly because I don't have much of an interest in it, but one thing I will say is that people being censored regardless of their view point is absolutely unacceptable, I will always support people being able to speak their mind even if the message they are preaching is something I disagree with. It's about time we as humans grew up and realized that censorship for one leads to censorship for all.

When I see Linux phones making improvements i get so pumped!

What keyboard do you use on android?
I OpenBoard at the moment only downside is it doesn't have swipe typing.

Saw this on reddit, thought it was both funny and wallpaper material.

I'm just curious, What is your Linux distro based on?

What's your favorite android keyboard and why?
Preferably FOSS keyboard.


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