Thoughts on this theme?
I was just looking though the preinstalled themes in doom emacs and found one called doom-vibrant and i kinda like it. :emacs:

Don't worry i'm not done but i just thought this was funny because its super derpy ๐Ÿ˜†

I made a couple basic wallpapers with the solus logo using GIMP of course, Its first time ever really using GIMP and it's kinda confusing but its definitely powerful. :solus:

Was looking into elisp a bit and saw a little guide and read this and thought what great teachers lol.

I saw this on reddit and thought it would make the perfect mobile wallpaper

:solus: I have pretty much everything default all i have done is change the wallpaper and install packages of course

A couple of pictures I took about a year ago that I'm kinda proud of lol

Switched laptop keycaps to Dvorak, also I know macbooks suck I bought one before I knew about the wonderful world of GNU/Linux

Still nord theme but changed the wallpaper and a few little things about the bar. Still using spectwm and im still loving it.

Arch is installed perfectly :arch:
i can now say "btw i use arch" lol

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