Is there a way to encrypt a drive without formatting it? I've been looking into it seems like a no

@koreymoffett AFAIK, you can’t necessarily do it in macOS, either. You can set it up to be encrypted when making the partition in Disk Utility, though…

I thought there was a way but I can't find a reference for you. If you're using Truecrypt, I think you can because I think that's a file that acts like a partition.

@koreymoffett you can create a virtual encrypted disk with a program like VeraCrypt. What exactly are you trying to do?

@koreymoffett I suppose the short answer is "encrypt a drive without formatting it" lol
I should have asked for more context

@jiminycricket I'm wanting to encrypt my laptop hard drive but I wasn't wanting to have to format it and reinstall everything, but I think I'll probably just reinstall and setup again, it was getting a bit bloated anyway lol

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