Are there any good Linux applications for learning Russian, I may or may not want to become a hacking comrade 😂 no but seriously about the Linux applications.

@koreymoffett not for Russian speecifically but you can use Anki

@huy_ngo @koreymoffett anki is only really to learn vocabulary not really the language.

@sotolf @koreymoffett I think "apps" are insufficient anyways, but you can memorize grammar with fill-in-the-blank questions for example.

@huy_ngo @koreymoffett Yeah, but you kind of have to learn the grammar before memorizing really does anything good.

@sotolf @koreymoffett Agree. Apps are like supplementary rather than something you depend on.

@huy_ngo @koreymoffett Yeah, anki is good, I just for some reason never managed to stick with it for more than 6 months at a time :)

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