Pinephone owners compared to an Android or apple device how would you rate the pine phone on a scale of 1 - 10

I guess I could have specified in terms of everyday use, I was thinking it but I didn't type it lol

@koreymoffett I wish it was good, but for me it's unusable as a daily driver. It's a fun toy to play with though

@koreymoffett It's hard to score this, to use the pinephone as a daily driver you're going to make some sacrifices - some acceptable (no google apps, etc), and some not so much (missing calls, texts). If you consider 10 "daily use ready" on your scale, I'd say the pinephone is perhaps 7, but improving. Only once I am confident I won't miss people trying to reach me will I be comfortable going 100% daily on the pinephone. We're not there yet.

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