It's prediction time.

How much longer until Wayland is default on the majority of Linux distros?

@koreymoffett I'd say it depends on the distro. Probably it really starts with some distros offering the option to switch

@koreymoffett it's not the distros but DEs that need time to adopt Wayland. Gnome everywhere is on Wayland so will KDE soon now that nVidia GBM support is there. Rest of them will take time. Some will take very long, if ever.

I voted 6+ years, because of the way you phrased your question. There's a lot of not-quite-as-actively-maintained or low-spec Linux distros out there. And I believe those will remain on X11 for quite a while still. (Low-spec DEs don't generally have the dev capacity to pioneer Wayland.)

However, many of the popular Linux distros ship GNOME or KDE by default, which have mostly complete Wayland support, so we may still see relatively many users on Wayland within 2–5 years.

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