I decided to install :endeavourOS: because I've never given it much of a look before, normally I stay with debian based systems because I like the stability but switching it up won't hurt too much

@koreymoffett Arch is 100% stable for me, I've been running it for over a decade, please refrain from spreading fud...

It's just rolling updates. While debian has updates that are staged by version.

@sotolf Dude relax, I'm not saying anything bad or spreading fud about arch lol.

@koreymoffett Hmm so why contrasting arch with stability then?

@sotolf Why does it matter, it doesn't exactly. I'm using an arch based system on my desktop right now. If I was trying to spread anything negative about arch that would be the absolute worst way to do it and you know it.

@koreymoffett I'm just tired of this consistant insistance by people that arch is unstable. And 90% of the time it's from people have never used arch, but one of the derivatives, you just get tired of people claiming shit they don't have any experience with just because they heard it somewhere.

@sotolf I'm sorry you are easily upset by a stranger on the internet saying he normally uses debian for stability, I don't see how that means arch isn't stable. If I like Pepsi does that mean I hate Coca-Cola?

@koreymoffett There is a diffence between saying I like cola, and saying "I prefer cola because it tastes good" even though you don't say that pepsi doesn't that's what is implied in the sentence. And I'm not upset, I'm just tired of the claims.


@sotolf I'm not going to apologize for what I said and I'm also not going to argue with you about it. Have a good day

@koreymoffett I'm unsure of where you think I want an apology, I don't, I just pointed out that arch is not unstable.

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