So after all the digging through uselessness on the internet and trying to fix the issue with mastodon.el, i simply deleted the package and reinstalled and boom it's working fine, its kinda odd but oh well i suppose

This was also a test to make sure it was actually working fully

@koreymoffett nice indeed. It has not worked for me since I tried it so, yeah

@joeligj12 did you just install it or did you actually put it into the config file as well?

@koreymoffett @joeligj12 total guess but I say its probably a bad config file somewhere (possibly due to a bug in mastodon.el) You can get a better idea of where the error is by turning on edebug for the entry point function and stepping until you hit the error


You could maybe use something like toot the cli tool for mastodon if you are wanting something more minimal, thats what i'm doing for now

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