Stop trying to make everyone agree with you.

A.) It's a waste of time
B.) It's literally impossible to get every human on the same page.

Just do what you are doing and leave others alone. If you want to discuss differences go for it but for the love of all things holy stop calling people Nazis because they don't like the same pizza toppings as you (This is an exaggerated to show a point)

@koreymoffett I take a whatever floats your boat approach to most things. Text editors, pizza toppings, OS choices, economic values, politics, &c.

Except children. Their health and safety is a black and white issue for me.

@redeagle I agree, children are number one priority in all situations


The key is determining what needs to be agreed to (e.g., what side of the road to drive on) and what doesn't (e.g., who's cuter, Bebe Fav or Shana Mo?).

You need to agree on a lot of things to have a functioning society.

But, very often old media will will fabricate fake controversy about irrelevant subjects just to distract people from substantive controversy in order to disengage people from the process.

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