What's your most used mobile application?

Asking out if pure curiosity.

@koreymoffett My text editor, closely followed by my Web browser, then my Mastodon and Twitter clients, then my eBook reader.

@koreymoffett probably either Bromite (but that's cheating) or Subway Tooter.

@koreymoffett my browser or ebook/pdf reader, followed by note-taking app

@koreymoffett Besides the camera, Tusky probably. Snapseed is in constant use too.

@koreymoffett Firefox, Tusky and the Disroot ecosystem I guess. :)

@koreymoffett Tusky, Element, ConstaFlux, AntennaPod, Ariane.


Recently it has been Tusky (app for going on fedi)

But overall it would have to be Youtube easily

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