Has anyone tried out the Android 12 beta? Is it stable? Is it worth using now or should I wait... So many questions lol

@koreymoffett probably wait for beta 2 if I were you, if I had a Pixel I would have tried it since Dev prev 1 lol

@koreymoffett I bet that Pixel 5 you just picked up is the most popular hardware for testing internally at Google... So you probably will find it working pretty well!

@funnylookinhat I'm just a little worried that things will suddenly break as it is a beta

@koreymoffett Oh yeah definitely - I've never bothered with the betas because I want my phone to just work :)

@funnylookinhat Well decided I'm going to do it anyway because I'm curious what all it has to offer lol hope it doesn't break

@funnylookinhat bank app doesn't work, my work app doesn't work. Dang the pain

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