What payment model do you prefer for expensive items?

@koreymoffett I have a mentality of "only buy what you can afford" so one-time is the preferred way

@metalune @koreymoffett I'm very much the same, I've seen how living beyond their means has really really hurt my ex, which is why I'd much rather save up the money before-hand and buy something in a one time payment. Also often if it's something I want mostly the anticipation is 80% of the thing that I enjoy.

@sotolf @koreymoffett hum.. anticipation is 80% for you?! .. I'd say it's like.. 50-50 for me

@metalune @koreymoffett it's at least really high, maybe more like 70-30, I just find that the anticipation often is quite a bit better than the actual thing, which might be strange, but that's how it is ;)

@sotolf @koreymoffett maybe it's just because I'm younger and haven't seen as many things as you have (just spitballing) and I still have a really high drive to explore things.

@metalune @koreymoffett might be yeah, it's kind of the things that hit me, when I buy a game for example, often I get more pleasure out of the anticipation, looking for a new one, choosing which one to invest in than I do from some games themselves :)

@sotolf @koreymoffett oh wow, I can't relate to that at all, I usually don't enjoy many video games xD I was more thinking about something like.. a new computer, I usually get more pleasure out of actually buying/getting it than finding one I want

@koreymoffett If you cant afford it, don't buy it. It just lines the pockets of the rich.

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