I've already told my coworkers about the atrocities of Google and Facebook, they don't hate me yet and they seems genuinely curious about it.

@koreymoffett @joeligj12
If you want to introduce people to linux I would start with Linux Mint. Its a great alternative to Windows. For people who are using MacOS I know elementary os is recommended by people but I never used it.

@jason123santa I am more of a Linux Lite kinda guy, maybe because I prefer xfce over cinammon, but well, both are fine imo

@joeligj12 There is an Linux Mint xfce edition. Never used Linux Lite but as far as I know its might be good for beginners to.

@lordrishav @koreymoffett Because you made them realize how screwed they were for trusting those big tech companies with all their data or because they thought you’re a conspiracy advocating paranoid tinfoiler? :p

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