I will be getting a laptop in a few weeks help me pick what I'm installing on it, you can also tell me why you would choose one over the other if you would like. :)
:openbsd: :archlinux:

@koreymoffett arch linux because it's honestly just much nicer looking, more versatile afaik, comfortable in general. i use lubuntu if you're open to alternatives, but if you aren't that's fine too, i'd just choose arch ahaha
good luck~!

@koreymoffett I'm biased, but I think Arch achieves a great balance of control and convenience. I find that I have the freedom to tune my system however I want without the burden of having to do or understand "everything".

That said, I haven't used OpenBSD but I have heard good things.

@koreymoffett Unless you pick a particular laptop with OpenBSD hardware compatibility in mind, you'll likely would have trouble with it. I have 3 laptops and none of them have wireless support in OBSD, for instance.
That said, OBSD & Arch are quite different an better or worse depending on your needs IMHO. OBSD is centered on security, audited and well written code, documentation completion and accuracy... But lacks some things we give for granted, like bluetooth support. ->

@koreymoffett It's very lean but not that fast, there's a learning curve and the community expects from you to RTFM. Arch, on the other side, is I think just "pragmatic". They don't have much trouble mixing and matching everything that works, have an awesome wiki + the AUR, and has become relatively mainstream. It's convenient but DIY, so you'll be on charge of your own dos and don'ts. It's all about personal choice.

You could install any GNU+Linux and run OpenBSD in a VM too. :ablobcatwink:

@sakkara I've ran Arch before on my current system and OpenBSD in a VM and I like both, but you did bring up some good points

@koreymoffett I still do. :ablobcatwink: I have to confine OBSD in a VM because of wireless showstopper, but anyway I use it mainly to read man pages and learn a bit of managing the system. And Arch is my "test drive" box, where I've been playing with stuff like Gnome 40. My daily driver is Void with a suckless stack on top, anyway. :ablobcatwave:

Whatever you finally decide, I hope you'll build a perfect setup and be happy with it. :ablobcatfloofpat:

@koreymoffett Finally, a couple of alternative options:

Void Linux. Very KISS, rolling release, no systemd, convenient, for medium/advanced users.

Debian. Rock solid, software availability, community, docs.

@sakkara I know I want to use Arch of OpenBSD for sure I was just having a hard time choosing, I did run Debian for a bit as well and I loved it though

@koreymoffett All nice choices IMHO, it's up to you to decide which one fits you the most.

Are you a "practical paranoid" (as the subtitle of an OpenBSD book says) and your hardware is supported (good enough)? Then I would choose OpenBSD.

Do you have any OBSD showstoppers, and/or prefer convenience and a DIY distro? Arch.

You don't want to risk being in a rolling release, prefer stability and a very well supported, with a huge community, system? Debian.

Plus hundreds of other options. XD

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