:golang: is my favorite programming language logo lol

@koreymoffett Kind of reminds me of one of the best mascots ever, Plan 9's: :plan9: ;)

@koreymoffett yeah the logo is great, just sad it falls apart from there

@sotolf @koreymoffett What don’t you like about #go? If you explained your position in a previous thread or published it somewhere I’d love to check it out :)

@ilyess @koreymoffett Mostly boilerplate, cumbersome error handling, pushing their "simplicity" over to the users, no generics, a weak type system, no option types, and coercing types over to an empty interface to be able to actually use it.

@koreymoffett @sotolf yeah error handling is a bit tedious to say the least. How is the type system weak though?

By the way, I believe generics are being introduced in a future version.

@ilyess @koreymoffett what do you do when you don't have generics? You cast to the empty interface and your types don't matter anymore, therefore a weak type system.

@sotolf @koreymoffett oh that’s what you mean. Yeah, whenever you coerce to a vaguer type you lose precision. Does rust compiler prevent that? Casting to an empty interface? I still haven’t looked into #rust ^^’

@ilyess @koreymoffett Rust has no interfaces, so you can't no. Both rust and nim let you cast, but then that is nothing you'd do just to achieve something akin to generics, but something you'd only do if you have a very good reason to.

@sotolf @koreymoffett Right. In Go, it's more of a workaround to make up for the lack of generics.

Thanks for the exchange Sotolf :)

@ilyess @koreymoffett Thank you too, and just to make it clear so nobody get the wrong impression, I'm not saying that go is an objectively bad language, just trying to make clear the reasons why I personally don't like it, I use programs written in go myself. I'm just very happy I don't have to use it myself.

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