I'm thinking about going full emacs and trying EXWM need to learn more about it first though :emacs:

@joeligj12 I haven't had issues with that, but if it's bad for you the good thing about emacs is there is probably a package that can fix it

It opens my latest post markdown file in 4 seconds or so, Vim ain't doing that, it's instant.

I have a feeling its something to do with my laptop being slow, but I refuse to believe that. I feel like maybe it's void slowing down my computer or smth xD. I have no basis to what I'm saying tbh

@joeligj12 @koreymoffett Why not reinstall the program to its default settings? 🤔

@0PT41N @koreymoffett tbh, I think it was just me. It seems to take a bit of time to load the highlighting. But once opened, I can open other files just as fast, I gotta get used to not necessarily closing the editor all the time, I guess.

Or I will just stick to nvim for now lol

Exwm is great except for being single threaded. If some strange elisp gets stuck you have no way of breaking free except to switch to a VT

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