Emacs is taking over my life and I'm ok with it :emacs:

@koreymoffett how do I get started and can I use Vim keybindings?

@joeligj12 doom emacs uses evil mode (vim bindings), I recommend checking out distrotubes video on it. If you haven't ever messed with it before.

@koreymoffett I prefer vim that just lets me do my job and be efficient with it and lets me do with life as I please ;) :vim:

@xgqt @koreymoffett don't ask questions :p honestly though I've gone through long periods of playing with emacs and it's pretty good, just not my favourite :)

@sotolf I don't see vim and emacs to be even in the same category, they have completely different goals in mind. Vim is a text editor Emacs is basically an operating system lol

@koreymoffett @sotolf Uh oh classic Vim vs Emacs conversation 😏. Also I use Atom BTW 😁

@sotolf @koreymoffett I tried using Vim :vim: one time but I had trouble understanding it 😕. I understood that your not suppose to use the arrow keys but the controls a bit harder to learn but one day I will master Vim 😉

@0PT41N @koreymoffett of course you can use the arrow keys, they work totally normally🤔🤔

@sotolf @koreymoffett Well yeah but it goes against the Vim :vim: grand masters rules 😁

@0PT41N if that rule is impeding workflow, then i better switch to ed.

i don't tell hjkl are hard or bad, i'ma just spend a few days building up muscle memory that will compete with the muscle memory regarding arrow keys

but do I really want to enforce myself to do it right now?

@moragame Oh the problem is not the keys. I easily mastered it in under 1hr of intense mental torture and threatening my fingers with a knife 😂 But no seriously the issue is just my small brain understanding the commands so that I can edit a file or exiting the program without having to unplug my computer 😂

@0PT41N that's not ur small brain but ur neural patterns u have developed

it was once hard for me to remember is the word "affection" same as "erection" ;0;


@moragame Yeah 😏, Alright Ill give Vim :vim: another shot. I am up for a challenge. Because recently I have been getting way to lazy and I had enough of it. Its time to get working 🧠 😎

@0PT41N but i rather stay and chill doing something non productive ;0;

maybe some japanese, or kernel exploring

@koreymoffett @sotolf Emacs is an operating system thats missing a good text editor. Luckily with Evil mode you can use Vim for that

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