Anyone have a recommended laptop in the 300 USD range?

@koreymoffett refurbished thinkpad! Well, I did it once and it was great, YMMV

@kev @yarmo @koreymoffett +1 for me too. The Thinkpad is such a road warrior. And while refurbished tech is always a bit hit and miss, the Thinkpad is so rock solid it fairs better than most other devices.

@rw @kev @koreymoffett and very serviceable. If something is wrong with the device which was the case for me, it's fairly easy to buy the parts separately.

@yarmo @koreymoffett This is what i would say as well. Don't buy new consumer trash. Buy "commercial grade" used. Most companies don't deserve to have their new stuff bought anyways, as they are customer/freedom hostile.

@koreymoffett New? Chromebook. Load Linux on it.

Or an old used Thinkpad.

@Tay0 @koreymoffett don't do this on bare metal without researching whether drivers work
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