Switched laptop keycaps to Dvorak, also I know macbooks suck I bought one before I knew about the wonderful world of GNU/Linux

@koreymoffett No, Mac books don't suck, they are great at running Linux

@koreymoffett @joeligj12 it does. I can show you the wonderful world of LinuxOnMac . This is your last chance, after this, there is no turning back. You the blue pill - your journey ends, you wake up in front of your computer and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in FOSSWorld and I show you how you can run Linux on your Mac...

@metalune @joeligj12 Honestly i dont really care about installing linux on it, i would much rather just buy another laptop and use that, i barely use it so im not worried about it. Also im pretty sure macs with the touch bar don't support linux properly. the touch bar kinda screw all that up

@metalune @joeligj12 ive never once seen anything showing a mac with a touchbar working but if it does cool

@koreymoffett @joeligj12 I have one myself, I ended up going back to my old thinkpad but yeah, I used linux on my mac for roughly 6 months

@metalune @joeligj12 Nice, ill probably just get some thinkpad or something, i broke 2 of the keys while changing the layout so might as well. also i dont want to use a mac anyway so its kinda a win win for me if i ignore the amount of money i spent on it lol

@koreymoffett @joeligj12 I use a ThinkPad x230 and I paid roughly.. 120 Euro for it, so I recommend getting an old thinkpad, but go for whatever suits you best :D

@koreymoffett @joeligj12 the touch bar seems to have some hard-ware defaults which we can fall back to on linux

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