Just curious of the age ranges here in

Note, if you are in the older category that doesn't mean you're old there is just a limited amount of poll options lol

Also ignore my spelling mistake i was typing on a phone, it happens lol

@koreymoffett I'm exactly 35, so right on the upper edge of that age bin.

@koreymoffett I think it's good to see that relatively many young people are here too! (below 18)

@metalune I'm kinda young as well so I'm probably bias but I agree haha

@koreymoffett well.. I fall into the below-18 category I guess I am also kind of biased.

@koreymoffett I'm too old ;-) shoot me ;-) i'm over 50 and work with linux maybe the time of your age ;-)

@koreymoffett ha, missed that one. i'd add some weight into the bottom one, if i were in.

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