Im so confused about if statements in lisp, i feel pretty stupid lol

My goal for today is to write a simple calculator in lisp by the end of the day.

What's your favorite popular theme?

I'm gonna be honest I don't understand why everyone loves mechanical keyboards so much.

Rust was making my brain hurt so for some reason i had the bright idea to learn lisp lol and all i have to say is ((())(()())())))))()))) thats pretty much what lisp is in a nutshell lol

Waking up with a bad headache might be the worst feeling in the world

Where are we all from here in ?

Sorry, I couldn't fit all the continents, if you are from one that's not listed comment.

If you ever wished your phone battery wouldn't drain so fast the best thing you can do(assuming it's android) is flash a custom ROM and don't install any google apps. My battery is on 90% and I haven't changed since about 7 hours ago.

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I'm seeing a lot of love for KISS, I'll give it a try

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Hello android users, what launchers do you use? Just curious.

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So Mozilla no longer supports a free internet...cya. :ac_exclaim:

I woke up really late today lol its 1:10pm here 😬

I know there is a faster way to clear a terminal but I always alias cl to clear && neofetch just because I like the Debian logo lol

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I feel like and news often upset me. It feels like each story gets mote ridiculous, yet people remain just as apathetic. It's honestly maddening to me. is much appreciated!

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I completely forgot that when i installed lineage os about a year ago i installed gapps along with it...
wow how dumb was i.
If you will excuse me im gonna go fix that now

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