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The words racist, nazi and fascist have actually definitions, either use them correctly or stop using them because at this point they mean almost mean nothing.
For example, someone says 'he's a nazi' they almost never mean the person is antisemitic they mean they disagree with them. If you can't defend your point of view so you turn to insults and labels then you do not truly believe in your point of view or you don't have a point of view so you follow the mobs online.

I had to go to an orientation at my work and they paid me for 4 hours even though I was there for an hour so that's pretty epic

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Free and Open Source Speedtest. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit.

Back pain is annoying and it needs to stop lol

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I finally have an internet connection at my house woohoo (I live in the middle of nowhere)

I will be getting a laptop in a few weeks help me pick what I'm installing on it, you can also tell me why you would choose one over the other if you would like. :)
:openbsd: :archlinux:

Do you keep a case on your phone?

OsmAnd~ is a much better map/navigation application than it gets credit for

I just showed my dad RSS so that makes me automatically a good son I think lol :rss:

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Are there any must have fdroid repos you lovely people know about?

:golang: is my favorite programming language logo lol
I've known about this for a while but I'm super curious how this is going to work out.

Do you believe in aliens?

Regardless of your beliefs or ideologies free software is benefical to everyone

I mostly care about key logging when it comes to privacy because I don't went big tech knowing how often I mistype words 😂

Diversity is taken too far sometimes 

Diversity is great don't get me wrong but companies have gone overboard with it, it shouldn't matter who the person is applying to the job if they have the required degree or certification and work experience then hire them. Don't say oh well we would hire you but we have too many (enter race here) people...That's racial discrimination.

Trigger warning 

This is just to show how people often look for things to get mad at... You have been bamboozled kiddo 😂

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