TIL that works a lot better than .

I tried setting up mopidy on a Raspi 1 Model B and it would choke on my ~16k MP3 collection, regardless of timeout and memory settings. So I removed it and installed MPD instead, triggered a scan of my library and was able to start playback (using M.A.L.P. on Android) within minutes. The library scan would simply continue in the background. Yay!

@kopfkind This was also my experience. There are a lot of features that Mopidy has which is really nice, but unfortunately it's just too buggy for me to comfortably use. I just ended up using bluealsa and MPD for all of my music needs.

@bumbervevo That's true. On another raspi (my 'kitchen radio') I am running Volumio, which I like really much. The only downside is that it comes as a distro, whereas is simply a Debian package I can install - and it has a lively ecosystem, too.

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