Another fun fact: Chatty/mmsd-tng doesn't limit you to what file type you send/receive over MMS, provided it is under the attachment size limit. However, if you send wacky file attachments to iOS or Android, they won't recognize it due to limitations on their end.

If you are really adventurous, you can change the file attachment limit in mmsd-tng too (you need to hand edit the settings file).

(Carriers may impose a limits though, so YMMV. I only tested on T-Mobile USA).


In Case anyone is curious,

@craftyguy and I successfully sent an encrypted MMS via gpg!

@kop316 @craftyguy
I'm still just trying to get mms to work. I can send but I still don't receive.

@jlcrawf @craftyguy

If you can send, mmd-tng is working, it sounds like there is an issue with the SMS WAPs you are receiving....

@kop316 @craftyguy ah, I see, I was hoping it was for Android :/
I used to use an app called @silence but they stopped developing it and now I'm SOL for sending PGP encrypted SMS messages :(

@extraspecialk @craftyguy @silence

Ahh, no. Android's Messaging App limits the type of files you can send/receive over MMS (and I don't develop for Android).

From what I have heard to MMS gets lost or not sent on iOS. MMS is just HTTP with SMS, so it seems like Apple developers don't have a good understanding of how to use HTTP.

@kop316 @craftyguy I am! In an emergency once I had to resort to send armored gpg messages through SMS. It was possible due to practically unlimited SMS quotas we had that time. Where can I see how you did it with MMS? It is still expensive where I am but I am curious.

@alper @kop316 I was on the recipient end in the test, but I believe what @kop316 did was just write some message to a file, encrypt it with something like "gpg -r craftyguy -e file" & attach it to a MMS. I received it and did gpg -d to decrypt. It was mainly a POC to see if it would work and (unsurprisingly in hind sight) it did.

Would be cool if #Chatty (or other SMS/MMS apps on Linux) supported automatic decryption/encryption if you had someone's pub key, or if you received an encrypted msg

@alper @kop316 should be possible to do it over SMS, just like you did :)

and SMS might be a better option than MMS since it's more widely available

@craftyguy @kop316 I am sure it would be not hard to fork Dino for this purpose. Or a script to pipe xmpp sms gateway to gpg. On android it is possible to achieve desired automated result with suit of existing software. Still RSA is a little bit long to send through SMS. Elliptic curve keys ciphertext is a lot shorter but trusting them is still debated. SMS client Silence for android can be an example too.


I believe the #sxmo community has some scripts to do forward sms to xmpp.

@craftyguy @kop316

@joao @alper @kop316 yeah, I've used go-sendxmpp in the past for testing MMS via XMPP (since I don't have a second SIM). I wrote briefly about it here:

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