Just in time for the upcoming 41.1 GNOME Calls release, here is an updated Anti-Spam program, now with a much friendlier GUI!

I still marked it as a Beta, so tester's wanted!

@kop316 hi kop316 im 1e on matrix to mobian and mobian OT channels


Thanks! If you test it out, let me know how it is.

@kop316 just submitted a merge request to package it on Alpine/pmOS. It does seem to reject calls that are unknown, but an initial ring does sneak in...


That's a known thing. The folks are updating Calls so that won't happen.

@kop316 it seems to work great for me so far. The package for it was merged in Alpine Edge, so it's available now in #postmarketOS 😃


Awesome! I'll probably take it out of beta in a few days.

I have a feeling this is where it gets very interesting in terms on Linux for phones 🤔

@kop316 Is there a way to have a blocklist without refusing all unknown numbers?


By default, if a contact is labeled "Spam" (or "spam") then it will be blocked no matter what.

If you add your country code to the whitelist, then all calls from your country will be allowed.

That's effectively a blacklist

First: awesome!

As I don't grasp all implications from looking at the UI, there might be some UX improvements possible:

1. it says "not in addressbook", but also blocks "spam" entries (hidden feature?). Also, if I call a number not in my address bock (Hotel), would it be whitelisted by being in my outgoing-history?

2. I'm unsure what "allow callback" does. If it allows the Hotel to call me back, I'd default that to On, with unlimited grace period.

3. examples + test would help (1/2)

E.g. "usually you want an area or country code, like +49 or +49711"
"Test filter" button, maybe auto-generating some numbers and showing whether they would be blocked by the current patterns. This might help non-technical people.


1) I don't have a way to access call history

2) yes that is what allow callback is. I welcome MRs for a better way to convey the UI meaning. You can also set the grace period in settings.

3) This is also a limitation of how to convey it, and I don't know of a better way. MRs welcome!

@kop316 Nice!

...Inclusivity thing: maybe change "humans" to "non-spammers" or sonething? Not everyone's human (I'm not).

@kop316 FYI: Now that Calls is core no new features or UI changes can land on the 41 branch without a freeze exception. See


So this is a separate program that hooks into GNOME Calls

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