I wanted to give an update for MMS support, but also give a call out for help. I know many are looking forward to MMS support, I am posting this in the hopes that I have some interest in helping. I am starting school again, so my time will be focused on schoolwork. That isn't to say I will stop, but progress will slow down:

Chatty: The remaining work on MMS support in chatty looks to be in three categories (I'm listing most straight forward/least amount of work to least straight forward/most amount of work):

1. Let Chatty control mmsd-tng settings: Setting support looks to be relatively straight forward, the UI support just needs to be added here: source.puri.sm/kop316/chatty/- with pretty picture here: source.puri.sm/Librem5/chatty/

2. There is no attachment support. Some notes: Adding the widget itself is done here: source.puri.sm/Librem5/chatty/ and should call chatty_mm_account_has_mms_feature () source.puri.sm/kop316/chatty/- to determine if it should ass the attachment button. However, the appropiate function chat_view_send_file_button_clicked_cb() need a bit of work: source.puri.sm/Librem5/chatty/ for MMS. It also only supports one attachment as of now.

3. Completeing support for group chat in MMS. This requires the most work, and is the most nebulous of them all. TBH I don't really know where to start

For mmsd-tng: It is a fully functional MMS client, but it is a backend daemon. Many Distros already package it! However, it only works for Modem Manager, as the Ofono backend has not been refactored for the new dbus. It also does not yet support multiple APNs. This is because MM 1.18 needs to be released first. You can find the package here: gitlab.com/kop316/mmsd/ .


If you want to help, or follow development, feel free to join the Matrix Room (:matrix.org) or the IRC channel ( on OFTC), which is bridged to Matrix.

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