Some folks have asked about making a spam blocker for the . I made one here for :

If the contact is not in your contact list (or you added it as "Spam), it will automatically hang up.

Also, it has some user configuration options to allow 1) blocked numbers, 2) a caller through if they call twice within 10 seconds, or 3) A way to look for a subset of a number (e.g. an area code, a number prefix) and let that through.

Let me know what you think of it!

@kop316 this is awesome! does it straight up end the call, or send them to voicemail? An option to do the latter would be helpful for me, since I do receive some legit calls from numbers not in my contacts list (e.g. Dr offices, and so on) and I'm not sure they would call back if there's a hang-up.


It sends them to voicemail (it is just like you pressing the "Hangup" button).

I get legit calls from unknown numbers too, so I wanted to make sure they had an option to either a) call right back (which some do), or b) leave a voicemail.

I basically scripted what I normally do for unknown numbers, and allowed for others to modify the behavior in the settings file if they want to.


Thanks! Feel free to send me comments, questions, criticisms, MRs, etc.


Awesome! So far it works well for me, so I hope it will be useful for you too

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