@JF I was curious to see how long my will last without being charged on How long do I need to wait????

Cool, I hadn't noticed this screen with uptime.

I charged mine after it ran for 9 days and a half, and it still had some juice left.

@normandc @JF

It's in the "about" page. It's been fun poking around with!

I'm amazed at how long it lasts honestly

My Fitbit Lite hardly ever lasted 2 days, when the text written on the box mentioned 3-4 days. It ne-ver happened. Luckily I didn't purchased it with my own money: I got it as a Christmas gift from my employer (all employees got one).


@craftyguy @normandc @JF

That's the #1 reason I hate using Bluetooth on personal devices. You are loudly broadcasting a unique tag anyone can use to track you

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