Made some syrup from the bushes around here. 😋

My : 50 flowers, 8 lemons, 3kg sugar, 2L water. Cover and store in a dark and cool place for a few days - until sugar dissolved. Stir daily. Cook shortly and filter into bottles.

See video... 🎥

This holds for me: elderflower syrup + me + code = 😁

I would like to ship a fresh bottle to a new user somewhere out there in the next weeks.

What do you think?

At we wanted to leave based . It was a nice try - but it failed: it was slow, non-multi-cultural and painful for the content editors. So we learned and moved all our web presence to . To to be precise.

There we use a minimal , coded our own theme, threw away all bloated js and analytics. 🌈☀️

We added English as an additional language, like the blog about , or :

We at association (, content now also in English) have created a more efficient & package. ❤️ to the contributors!

image available here:

To be precise: 30% lighter (now 52MB) and more performance through AES.

GPLv3 on :

We created a short video of the browsing experience and a view on the router console.

@tails - we're ready to maintain the i2p package.

What a busy week!

🎉New stable release out for combined and easy-to-use and clearnet browsing on @i2p and @torproject networks, like diva.i2p! As all our work: - GPLv3.

Available on @codeberg here:

Also ready to use on here:

Your feedback and critics would be much appreciated. 🎈🙏

Now it's time for a locally brewed .

Just ordered an /e/-smartphone. I am super curious to test it seriously and then to install ,, on it. 😀

🙏 for the /e/fforts to @gael

Moved two more repos from gitlab to @codeberg . The experience with in the last days was a pleasant one 💐. The codeberg community is small and that's OK for me.

It's the easy to use layer for everyone:
This container is short before v1.0. It has the purpose to give everyone super simple access to the I2P network to enjoy full .

And the alpha stage main project itself:

Today's work done - time to ride home by . 🚴‍♀️ ☀️ Alone, obviously 😀 .

server tested with unit tests - uploaded code to gitlab:

Signal server is part of the 100% respecting instant messaging through @i2p

I'd like to share the drawing on how we at solved the peer-to-peer challenge for the 🌈.

We use to tunnel the iroha traffic. NAT traversal is done with STUN and our own signal server.

(GPLv3) project:

The complete blog post in German is available here:

I'd love to get some feedback from the ❤️

Done setting up the STUN server for - . This new STUN server is publicly available at

The refactored "hangout"/signal server (refactored source code will be committed asap to gitlab) will enable the blockchain to communicate instantly through firewalls - without any port config. Thanks to the mentioned STUN server.

BTW: I used as a STUN/TURN server.

@danpattn Welcome! I hope you enjoy this friendly community 😀 . Your book reviews on YouTube: nice! My interests are


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