I'd like to share the drawing on how we at solved the peer-to-peer challenge for the 🌈.

We use to tunnel the iroha traffic. NAT traversal is done with STUN and our own signal server.

(GPLv3) project: gitlab.com/diva.exchange

The complete blog post in German is available here:

I'd love to get some feedback from the ❤️

@konrad not sure I completely understand DIVA – in how far can it be compared with GNU Taler?

@mray GNU Taler and are close - but still different. Like: DIVA is using the I2P network for all transactions. Therefore DIVA should provide a maximum level of . Or: DIVA wants to be a distributed exchange for all digital values (like Monero, Bitcoin, XCHF or whatever - without any proxy token inbetween).

GNU Tales seems - at least as I understood it - to be rather a payment system or a system with a token inbetween (like other distributed exchanges as bisq).

How do you see it?

@konrad my very simple perspective is that GNU #Taler comes with no currency or blockchain and only enables a trustworthy 1:1 translation between online and "real" currencies – allowing for asymmetrically anonymous online payment. Still not entirely sure what #DIVA's goals are in that regard… 🤔


@mray We agree on the targets of GNU Taler: a payment system linked to existing "stable" currencies, like CHF or USD. But GNU Taler does not allow anyone to exchange digital values in a trustless private setting without intermediaries: like XMR against BTC. GNU Taler wants (and needs) a "stable" proxy and requires "escrow" and stuff.

What I never understood with GNU Taler: if one of the central aspects of GNU Taler (like the "auditor" or the "escrow") is corrupt, how to prevent fraud?

@konrad I think #Taler has a focus on making online transactiosn anonymous for the payee, but transparent on the side of the receiver. I think it just accepts the dependency on an "auditor" as there has to be one anyway in "real" currencies. Maybe there are technical limitations that require it to do it that way to protect anonymity? How far does #DIVA protect anonymity?

@mray I fully agree re your view on Taler. DIVA processes all transactions through . In theory (academic/empirical work in progress together with "Hochschule Luzern", hslu.ch) the privacy of should be granted. All transactions go first through the i2p network and are then written to the layer at the exit node.

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