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Lots of great stuff 😍 to discover at this year. Wow.

@i2p - the creators of the wonderful -by-design network - will be discussed. Inspiring work of artist (acryl on canvas) @mondstern will be shown - and that's just in the talk 👀:

Thanks a lot to @fosdem for all the efforts and giving a platform to projects. 🌈🙏❤️


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The GPLv3 project , located on the great git repository @codeberg - got it's own short introduction video (~3mins):

It's about creating free (as in freedom) banking and exchange technology for everyone. The technology shall grant full (by also using ) and it's neutral towards all digital values. There are also co-ops with academia ( projects).

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Hello World, hello Mastodon - thanks for all the work you have done ❤️❤️ We have set up our instance at - located in . We hope to get listed on - I assume it will take a while until the crawler picks it up 👍 - @TheKinrar

Released Iroha blockchain explorer v0.7.8 earlier today 🎉. Some minor bug fixes to display the blocks properly.

It's - as far as we know - the only explorer. The underlying iroha chain became also more stable in the past months 👋.

video of the based project here 👀:

Save the date for @fossasia March 13th, 12:30 CET - news about 😁.

Konrad Baechler @konrad CTO at @codeberg will speak about “An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank and Exchange" @fossasia #virtual #OpenSource #OpenTech Summit 2021, March 13-21. Register for free

A new release is available: @i2p has released v2.36.0 of #i2pd today. 👏 🙏

So we also updated the #diva environment and #docker containers.

How to conveniently use #i2p and #tor to browse the networks and protect your #privacy (clearnet and #darknet) in this #blog post: - "Free Banking Technology. For Everyone" - is an #AGPLv3 project driven by an non-profit association. All code is available on #codeberg: 🤩

Why can I not seem to find any online stores for #DRM-free #ebooks which aren't using #GoogleAnalytics and which accept #crypto without relying on services like #BitPay?

eephttpd eepHttpd is a web hosting tool for content in I2P, I2P sites, and I2P torrents. Written in pure-Go.

I wrote a blog post:
"How I built a browser extension in 2021 (using modern tools and libraries)"

check it out here:

I also wrote two small scripts to help in the migration from to , if you're interested you can check them out:

They helped cloning all my repos in my new Gitea instance without having to do it by hand. I even saved the repo description in the process 🎉

I didn't write any script to migrate issues since I had like 3, I just copy/pasted them.

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#FOSDEM21 is coming to an end and it was awesome as always 🤘

we have an estimation of ~33.6k attendees for the conference and ~20k attendees for today...impressive...and now take this numbers and try to fill the ULB 😱

anyway. after FOSDEM is before #FOSDEM so looking forward to see you on #FOSDEM22 , maybe in place on ULB or online as this year =)

many thanks again to @matrix team, @fosdem and all volunteers 🍻

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Today at we'll also mention the repository a lot in the 15-minute talk about :

Probably it's one of the talks @fosdem with the most links per minute 😀 .

Join the conference:

So: Thank you @codeberg for providing the perfect git repository to us. It's a great experience to work with it and we're happy to donate to this association. Keep up your great work! 🚀

With day 1 just behind us we'd like to get feedback. Each talk should have a feedback link on the website to score specific talks and you can also send mail to with your positive or negative remarks, suggestions, comments,... Help us improve!

#FOSDEM21 is still ongoing and the number of users on the platform are as normally expected on site on ULB 😍

thx to @matrix for the impressive work 🍻

It's cazy how busy the #fosdem #matrix rooms are right now.

Lots of good stuff. And the way Q&A interacts with it makes it feel like a pretty good alternative to the real thing.

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