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Hello World, hello Mastodon - thanks for all the work you have done ❤️❤️ We have set up our instance at - located in . We hope to get listed on - I assume it will take a while until the crawler picks it up 👍 - @TheKinrar

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I'd like to share the drawing on how we at solved the peer-to-peer challenge for the 🌈.

We use to tunnel the iroha traffic. NAT traversal is done with STUN and our own signal server.

(GPLv3) project:

The complete blog post in German is available here:

I'd love to get some feedback from the ❤️

Some people are like TCP (they give feedback, they share, listen to you carefully),

Some are like UDP (they just say their shit and ignores you basically, there is no agreement),

ICMP is like flirting with someone (you try it indefinetly until he/she gives feedback so you can start either a TCP relationship or an UDP one),

Feel free to choose!

okey, maybe somebody got a hint for me with #zfs:
yesterday i did two things:
* apt upgrade
* setting arc_max to 24G

today the matrix server froze - no log entry about this event - it could have been a coincidence
...but later today the minetestserver had the exact same issue. it was just stuck and had to be killed.

i now set it back to 0 and pray that the issue won't return - because this would make everything even more weird and complicated... i read nowhere about this kind of issue. 🤷 ❓

server for v1.0.0 🎉 released:

I also moved this project away from over to @codeberg

🐳 images are available too:

The docker images are auto-built - which is nice - but unfortunately only via the mirror (instead directly via )

More than 10 years - and updated just a few weeks ago: "A successful Git branching model" by Vincent Driessen.

Short, clearly written and precise knowledge about branching, tagging and versioning your . IMHO this blog post is worth reading. 🔥

📣 Telephant, a Mastodon client for the desktop is looking for packagers!

Know how to package for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Void or other distros? Or maybe you are familiar with AppImage, Snap or Flatpak?

We're still looking for packagers to help supporting Telephant on more platforms!

Don't hesitate to say hello if you'd like to help out! ❤️

So, I am in my early 40s and looking for a game that runs on which is:

(1) simple to play

(2) doesn't have a lot of micromanagement (Civilization V and after)

(3) is entertaining and fun

What do you recommend? It can be from the store, app store, or . I lost my patience for playing games a long while back I suppose and just need something to pass the free time during this lockdown.

@kensanata Please add me to Distributed Networks, Fediverse, FLOSS, Free Software, Information Technology, Infosec, Javascript, Mastodon, Mastodon Moderators, Photography, PHP, Privacy, Programming, Technology.

The Sun is going for a swim 🌅

Another experiment using Darktable. And I may have gone slightly crazy with color zones...
What do you think of this?

#MastoArt #art #photography #photo #photographie #darktable #foto #sunset #colors

Today's work done - time to ride home by . 🚴‍♀️ ☀️ Alone, obviously 😀 .

server tested with unit tests - uploaded code to gitlab:

Signal server is part of the 100% respecting instant messaging through @i2p

If you are encountering an issue with open source software you could either:
(1) Talk about it with its developers in a respectful manner
(2) Be a dick about it in public

Don't expect anyone to take you serious or help you in any way if you decide to go (2)

To all admins out there: if you don't want to use the servers of Google due to concerns, you can use mine at It's only STUN, no TURN. I don't keep any logs... and I am not interested in any data 😁

My STUN server is . Located in . There is nothing like guaranteed uptime - but I maintain the server with ❤️.

Currently reading "Perfidious Albion" by Sam Byers; in German it's called "Schönes neues England". Enjoying it very much. It challenges my mind and - next to great storytelling - puts in focus.

FLOSS Weekly 572 was interesting.

Guests: Hans-Christoph Steiner (F-Droid)
Includes some healthy skepsis as well.

If you need some inspiration for - here are the winning pictures of the Swiss Press Photo award. The article is written in German - but the pictures are universal.

My tip: use to browse media sites as below, to reduce the abuse of your personal data.

What are your experiences with as an alternative to ? I'd like to move over all my projects...

Your feedback is much appreciated 🙏 :fosstodon: 💓

Yesterday we had a great online meeting of the User Group with the -Cluster of Munich. Freifunk is doing a great job providing an infrastructure for video conferencing that can be used by groups like ours, friends and families, small businesses and crafts, research and education, civil defense and medical care etc.

Thank you Freifunk München! 😀 🙆 :tux: 🚀

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