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FreeVision is a project with the target to spread FairCoin into the world. Our core values are freedom and sustainability.


Footage from the ongoing protests near the military headquarters.

Protests light up the place with mobile lights — an act of solidarity and unity.

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There are only 5 days left for finishing the initial crowdfunding campaign for WFAIR!!!

Remember that we expect ether participation at this contract address:

..and also available in Kolabora for another currencies!

If everyone on the planet consumed as much as the average US citizen, four Earths would be needed to sustain them


It's already ! Attentive to everything that is going to flourish in Komun.

"We carry a new world in our tools" [and this world is becoming a reality right now]

It's already spring! Stay tuned to everything that is going to flourish in Komun.

The power of #women and the subversion of the community:

"An influential pamphlet by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James in 1972 that used a feminist reading of Marx to challenge Left orthodoxy on the role of women, their labour and their struggles... "

MT [Women's Defense Units (YPJ). I merged 2 videos]:
Internationalist fighter from YPJ celebrating women's day in Deirezor
#YPJ #DeirEzzor

Free Young Women on #IWD 2019:
"…On March 8, let's turn all areas of life into uprising areas.
Let us raise the fire of resistance together and let young women join the 8th March activities with dynamism and color."

Huge "The night is ours" women, trans and lesbian demo, last night at the peripheral neighborhood of Horta, Barcelona.


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