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MT [Citizen journalism, Turkey]:
Women have started their march for #March8 International Women's Day in Diyarbakır [a.k.a. Amed].

¿Sabías que en puedes promocionar eventos que aceptan Faircoin y moneda social? Basta introducir el evento poniendo una fecha de caducidad.

Did you know that at you can promote events that accept Faircoin and social currency? Simply enter the event by setting an expiration date.

Presentamos TROVU!
Metabuscador que extrae la información de otros muchos buscadores sin revelar datos de las usuarias.

Introducing TROVU!
Metasearch engine that extracts information from many other search engines without revealing user data.

Komun Transparency Report [EN]
Thank you for trusting us!!!! 🤗
transparency is not mentioned, it is demonstrated! [ES]
¡¡¡ Gracias por confiar en nosotras!!! 🤗
la transparencia no se menciona, se demuestra

Komun will be present at the "Reiniciando el Sistema" event in Alicante (Spain). Our presentation will be on the 16th around 7pm. We will talk about Faircoin, cryptocurrencies, social currencies and the free tools that we are developing to contribute to the construction of a new fairer economic and social system. We wait for you!

There are many improvements in Mapo this week. New map, translations, qr for donations at each point ... discover them!

Hay muchas mejoras en Mapo esta semana. Nuevo mapa, traducciones, qr para donaciones en cada punto... ¡descúbrelas!


Mapo is already translated into 5 languages: Spanish, Catalan, Serbian, English and Italian. Thanks to all the people who have collaborated.

Mapo ya está traducido a 5 idiomas: castellano, catalán, serbio, inglés e italiano. Gracias a toda la gente que ha colaborado.


[EN] Subscribe to our English mastodon account at @komun_en
and in Esperanto [EO] @komun_eo

Komun will participate in the next SAT (Nationless World Association) conference this September in Barcelona talking about free tools and how cryptocurrencies could help solve people's economic problems.

Great to see that our dutch brothers and sisters at @disroot (awesome free software services for a common goal) also accepts donations in #FairCoins like us


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