"We recently discovered that when you provided an email address or phone number for safety or security purposes this data may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes"

Of course 🤷‍♂️


Want to learn how to expel Google from your life? Check out the Reddit community!

Richard M. Stallman:

Saying No to unjust computing even once is help


So tell someone, “Thanks for inviting me, but Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp/whichever is a freedom-denying program, and almost surely snoops on its users; please count me out. I want a different kind of world, and by declining to use it today I am taking a step towards that world.”

Do you trade with your friends or become friends with your trading partners?

A case study in the Ğ1 cryptocurrency


🎈 Happy birthday to the #LibreCurrency #Ğ1 🎉

🎊 Today, March 8, 2020, we celebrate 3 years of monetary experimentation!!!. 🎂

Her date of birth is no coincidence.

This beautiful baby 👶 is being raised by all of us, and she's giving it back to us. 🎁

The Ğ1 comes from an older story. 📖
It's up to us to make it very long, for generations with equal opportunities in the future.

Did you know that #Zoom uses #XMPP for their chat? Isn't it ironic that while large parts of the software freedom movement consider XMPP as outdated and refuse to use it, companies building commercially successful proprietary and centralized solutions on top of it... 🤔 #OpenStandards #FreeSoftware

I love Tusky but it makes it so hard to browse your feed if you follow a lot of accounts.

web-knock is a simple alternative to port-knocking, to keep some ports on your server open only to you, and help to avoid brute-force attacks.


Does anyone know of a code of conduct well-suited to online conferences?

In the midst of our nation’s public health crisis, another threat is lurking on the horizon. Please join us for a panel discussion of the HBO documentary @Killchaindoc. Watch our 5/6 panel on Twitch at twitch.tv/efflive or on Facebook Live org2.salsalabs.com/o/7003/p/sa

📄 💧Transparency 1st January - 24th April 2020:

🧾 project to support workers with legal invoices: +273,42€

☁️ 5 x Accounts 5GB in our nubo.komun.org (nubo.komun.org/): 250€

💶 Payment for previous years' developments: -1800€

💸 Infraestructure expenses, backups and new VPS cloud server (payed until 21 apr 2021): -256,96€

❤️ Donations komun.org/en/kolabora: +266,66€

✍🏼 Current Balance in Komun 24th April: 2463,07€

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