Ooh, and I just got a lovely birthday present from my dear friend Peter: early access to the first episode of his upcoming TV series, The Activist.

And. It’s. Really. Good! (Watched the first ten minutes or so and now saving it to watch with Laura tomorrow) :)

Trailer: vimeo.com/369111385

Thanks, @brokep


Aaron Swartz. Born on this day! November 8, 1986. He would have been 33 today.

November 9 will be observed all over the world as Aaron Swartz Day — an annual event to celebrate Aaron Swartz’s legacy as an activist, programmer, entrepreneur & political organizer.

Hackathons would be organised, where diverse & passionate folks would gather & exchange ideas with each other, who believe in Freedom of #Information & #Education and Securing Digital Space for all.

Remember 9th November! 💜


In which we comment on some important things about our current situation and roadmap

♻ RT @RISEUP4R0JAVA@twitter.com:

Unimportant whether today or tomorrow - take to the streets, show your resistance. This attack must be answered accordingly!

#riseup4rojava t.co/fpJg5VqWLe


Solidarity with #Rojava! #BoycottTurkey NOW! %%%

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Activists have staged a lock-on outside BAE Filton (South Gloucestershire) in protest against the UK arms trade which support Turkey's invasion of Rojava.

#RiseUp4Rojava #BoycottTurkey #FuckISIS #NoFlyZone4Rojava

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KSCymru/status/118

Today, the international community is celebrating Esperanto Day, the anniversary of the introduction of the international language to the world by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof in 1887.

FreeVision is a project with the target to spread FairCoin into the world. Our core values are freedom and sustainability.

MT @errfnern@twitter.com:

Footage from the ongoing protests near the military headquarters.

Protests light up the place with mobile lights — an act of solidarity and unity.

[video on @Daliahaleem@twitter.com]

There are only 5 days left for finishing the initial crowdfunding campaign for WFAIR!!!

Remember that we expect ether participation at this contract address:

..and also available in Kolabora for another currencies!


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