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Contributing to projects with global communities teaches you way more than just technology. I think it's inevitable to learn about new cultures, and how different yet similar we all are.

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Oh wow... @OpenLabsAlbania@twitter.com gifted @Hack42@twitter.com this amazing rug because of our contribution to their . Thank you *SO* much! It is SO incredibly awesome and it fits *perfectly* in our hackerspace lounge. We promise to take good care of it. Thanks again, we love you all! 😍

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The Carbon results for cloud68.co are quite +, but we are not there yet.
We're using @Hetzner_Online@twitter.com Green Servers and our website (& instances) are running on sustainable energy!

It's important to be , but also 💚
websitecarbon.com/website/clou twitter.com/ProductHunt/status

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We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of Trace! 🎉

Trace is a free tool to remove the background from any photo instantly! You can download the image or use it to make stickers, magnets, and more.

Try Trace now for free! stickermule.com/trace

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2019 just started. Many thanks to our friends from @Hack42@twitter.com for joining us!

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Bill Gates made his money by extinguishing free software and forcing us to pay him a tax just to turn our computers on. This was only possible because the State was ready to violently enforce his "intellectual property".

He didn't created a computer revolution, he destroyed one.

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We have just published the build file for the Docker repository we use for our Android projects here: gitlab.com/bitfireAT/docker-an

You can use it with @gitlab@twitter.com CI, but you need a root server (privileged container).

We hope it can be helpful for you and make testing more stable!

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Amazon Ring is more trick than treat (and really quite bad at public relations): the morning after Halloween, they shared videos of trick-or-treaters, including unmasked kids and adults, with no apparent regard for consent. u.fsf.org/2ya

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“It’s not about scaling a single platform or infrastructure but scaling the ecosystem.”—@rupertgatti@twitter.com

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Best Buy has quietly shut down the mobile app that controls their Insignia wall plugs, light switches, camera, and... Wi-Fi freezer. Just another way that depending on software you can't control can go awry: u.fsf.org/2yb

Very honored to help @punctum_books@twitter.com in their journey to migrate to open source platforms 🥳
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Currently at @Cloud68@punctum_books@twitter.comana where @kominoshja is transferring the @punctum_books website to a safer, privacy-minded, and open-source haven.

With their help, over the next few days we will divest from several proprietary platforms and move to alternatives.

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Slack ➡️ @Mattermost@twitter.com
Dropbox ➡️ @Nextclouders@twitter.com
Google Analytics ➡️ @matomo_org@twitter.com
and will start using @invoiceninja@twitter.com for our invoicing.

@punctum_books@twitter.com 💓 &

Extremely enthusiastic for having @punctum_books@twitter.com onboard with @Cloud68_co@twitter.com 👾🥳🎉
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THRILLED to be partnered with @col@punctum_books@twitter.comwill be handli@Cloud68_co@twitter.comur digital operations going forward into 2020. This is part of our long-term strategy to build openness into every aspect of our operations & to partner with more of open practice.

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Quite excited to manage the digital operations of @punctum_books@twitter.com, everything free and open source software with our @Cloud68_co@twitter.com service! 📚🤗

cloud68.co twitter.com/ontakragoueke/stat

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Are you sick of Likes randomly acting like "Re-Tweets," propelling the tweet to your followers' timelines with no warning or reason?

Try Mastodon! The buttons do what they're supposed to! What a feature!!

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