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Oh wow... @OpenLabsAlbania@twitter.com gifted @Hack42@twitter.com this amazing rug because of our contribution to their . Thank you *SO* much! It is SO incredibly awesome and it fits *perfectly* in our hackerspace lounge. We promise to take good care of it. Thanks again, we love you all! 😍

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2019 just started. Many thanks to our friends from @Hack42@twitter.com for joining us!

Very honored to help @punctum_books@twitter.com in their journey to migrate to open source platforms 🥳
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Currently at @Cloud68@punctum_books@twitter.comana where @kominoshja is transferring the @punctum_books website to a safer, privacy-minded, and open-source haven.

With their help, over the next few days we will divest from several proprietary platforms and move to alternatives.

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Happening now at @OpenLabsAlbania@twitter.com 🤩
First @EditoriaPub@twitter.com Developers Meetup:
👋 Introducing Editora
💡 Tips on how to install it
👩‍🏫 Showing up the demo
👩‍💻 Going through the GitLab issues

Last but not least: how to get involved with the community 🤗

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Pro tip for sysadmins, developers and DBAs.

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Christos and John from @CokoFoundation@twitter.com team will fly straight from Athens to join the @EditoriaPub@twitter.com Developers Meetup ⌨️this Saturday at 11.00 @OpenLabsAlbania@twitter.com in Tirana. If you are a Javascript dev 👩‍💻👨‍💻you should definitely join 🤘 Detaje në shqip wiki.openlabs.cc/faqja/Editori

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participants and fellow speakers appreciating @SidorelaUku@twitter.com for the mapping progress in Albania

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Wow! Wow! Wow! What a powerful bunch of people mapping, discussing, learning, sharing, connecting and spreading happiness!

Big THANK YOU to everybody for making a unique weekend in

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It looks like that we've been tweeting open source for 7 years now

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Why @CityZenappco@twitter.com?
@kominoshja@twitter.com covered that at 👏👏

We're really proud on the principles this app is built upon, and we invite everyone interested to join us and contribute to the project! 🤝🤗

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To our defence, we didn't know about that when we got him on the team! 🙄

(Ps. bukurosh = pretty boy)

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Instead of using apps and data which are fully controlled by @Google@twitter.com, you have alternatives.
For that would be @openstreetmap@twitter.com, a community powered project where is shared under a license which allows free use.
cc @jbelien@twitter.com 👏👏👏

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@SidorelaUku@twitter.com inspiring the crowd with @openstreetmap@twitter.com good practices.

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First round of 16TB disks at the @internetarchive@twitter.com — 10.5 petabytes, before and after:

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