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Dance like nobody's watching.
Email like it will one day be read aloud at a deposition.

You *gotta* see the new site.
Definitely not biased
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It was about time ➡️ Mega happy to 🚀 launch our shiny brand 🆕 oscal.openlabs.cc website! Do pay us a visit and let us know if you like it 😊.

CFP opens today, stay tuned 🤗

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Can someone please send me the very fucking short list of privacy conferences and privacy advocates *not* funded by Google, Facebook, Palantir, etc.?

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a USB flash drive inside a wooden cross! this one seems weird at first, but you know what they say...
Jesus Saves.

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Please, follow this thread! 👇🏻

On this day 9 years ago, 4 peaceful protesters were shot dead from inside the building of the Prime Ministry in Tirana.

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Facebook seeks 1,000 Brits comfortable with helping destroy human rights and democracy in exchange for a cushy pay cheque.

Please apply if you’re the kind of asshole they’re looking for.


As someone who uses @ProtonMail@twitter.com everyday for his own email, I couldn't be happier to help more people use it through @Cloud68HQ@twitter.com
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KAboom! Couldn't be @ProtonMail@twitter.comstart the year with the announcement of Cloud68 and @ProtonMail partnership starting f@Cloud68HQ@twitter.comy 2020! 📧🔐🤝
Get the details in the latest blog post: cloud68.co/blog/announcements/

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: First group of designers, hackers, innovators guided by experienced mentors propose prototype No1: Monitoring of air quality through real time data @collective68@twitter.com @DarkMatters_Lab @MjedisiGovAL@twitter.com @BlendiKlosi@twitter.com Watch this space to learn abt other prototypes

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Happening now . Super fun :D thanks for co-hosting it @kominoshja@twitter.com . The public domain matters in many levels. twitter.com/OpenLabsAlbania/st

We're contributing English, French, Greek, German and Spanish.

Next step: adding the Albanian language
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@mozilla Common Voice session today at the hackerspace 🎙

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I find it inappropriate that the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj kisses a child that's not his on the lips on national TV. This comes just months after he retweeted an image of a naked child playing in a fountain. This isn't normal & wtf were the parents thinking

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As per usual, ALB MF @CakajGent@twitter.com has no idea what he's saying – but maybe checked with his hero Kant first? twitter.com/CakajGent/status/1

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Happy New Year from our team to yours! 🎊🎉🤩🎂🎈

May 2020 bring the joy of free software in your office! 🤗

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A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

(Via signal, via Mastodon)

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police state in action: protestors supporting the striking miners in Bulqizë arrested for distributing pamphlets with “Samir Mane oppresses miners” on account if “spreading panic”.

@EUinAlbania@twitter.activitypub.actor freedom of speech much? twitter.com/gjerebara/status/1

Here's to 2020 more decades of open source consultancy, cloud services, and more! 🌚
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Our end year's party at Base68 about to start. 🎉🎊🎈🎂

Lovely food and lot's of drinks with the greatest friends! 🤗🤗

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