Just published 2 blogposts regarding @gitlab@twitter.com's CI tool and @gitlab@twitter.com's Pages

1. Speeding up GitLab CI: boris.budini.xyz/tech/speeding

2. Setting up GitLab Pages boris.budini.xyz/tech/gitlab-p

Give them a read if you're into it and let me know on any feedback you have 🎈🙌

FINALLY bought my old domain budini.me back!
Somebody was hosting..uhm... adult stuff there

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💪🏽Encrypt the Web 💪🏽

Imagine waking up one day and have all your data gone, just because you are a citizen of a country. This is why self-hosting should be more widespread!
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.@github blocked all Iranian accounts without prior notice or the chance to download their data. The whole process is quite & a result of a approach in tech.
Self-hosting can be the best protection mechanism. CC @gitlab


If your data is in the cloud, it should be encrypted. 💭 🔒 cc @KeybaseIO

The Slack Security Incident is just one more example of how our security and private communications can be endangered. ❗🔴 🔓
The only answer remains free and open source software which supports end-to-end encryption! 🔐


I've just set up Gitlab pages on my own server. Can't wait to start using it for my own stuff aswell


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