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Don't worry if you didn't get the A Level results you wanted, Margaret Thatcher had loads of qualifications and she's dead now.

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Probably the worst thing they teach you in history class is that the founding fathers were incredibly sophisticated political philosophers instead of reddit logic bros with slaves

Come joinus!
Spoiler alert: I send a lot of gifs
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Did you know that we have a dedicated public chat where you can ask us anything? It's powered by @Mattermost🤗

Join our conversation: chat.collective68.tech

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It's been my pleasure to interact with people interested in digital rights! During this year's @fosscomm2019@twitter.com, I presented the fundamental aspects of the and also introduced the Mozilla framework which can help organisations with their compliance efforts.

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In the case of Ellen DeGeneres's show using copyright to get rid of criticism, we have to ask: Does no one in Hollywood know about the Streisand Effect? eff.org/takedowns/strange-case

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The best about @fosscomm2019, the volunteers 🤩

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Μαζί μας στο Fosscomm 2019!
@eiosifidis@twitter.com @PanteleimonSar@twitter.com @kominoshja@twitter.com @gnuhealth@twitter.com
@openSUSE@twitter.com @gnome@twitter.com @only_office@twitter.com @turris_cz@twitter.com @CollaboraOffice@twitter.com @nextcloud@twitter.com @fsfe@twitter.com @bareos@twitter.com @davx5app@twitter.com

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We're delighted to have our friends at @libreoffice@twitter.com, @laquadrature@twitter.com, @qco@twitter.com, and @SWHeritage@twitter.com joining us to spread the word about the evils of this Saturday, the International Day Against DRM: u.fsf.org/2wo

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Developers: "Bike-shedding. Code smells. Rubber ducking."

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Μαζί μας στο Fosscomm 2019! @eiosifidis@twitter.com @PanteleimonSar@twitter.com @kominoshja@twitter.com @gnuhealth@twitter.com @openSUSE@twitter.com @gnome@twitter.com @only_office@twitter.com @turris_cz@twitter.com @collabfund@twitter.com @Nextclouders@twitter.com @fsfe@twitter.com @bareos_backup@twitter.com @davx5app@twitter.com

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I would like my personal information to stay private. It's not that I have something to hide, but at the end of the day it's my fundamental right. Boris Budini

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Attending @fosscomm2019@twitter.com in Lamia, Greece this weekend? Our own @kominoshja@twitter.com is there. Hit him up for any open source questions/tips/advices.

Hey! Are you at @fosscomm2019@twitter.com? Do you have any questions about my @mozTechSpeakers@twitter.com 'Getting started with WebXR' talk? I'd love to answer them all! Find me hanging out at the booths!🎈

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Here a list of Free and Open Source Software () that gives freedom to the *user*:

Giving a talk at @fosscomm2019@twitter.com in 8 minutes about @Nextclouders@twitter.com, @Cloud68_co@twitter.com and Tech Freedom

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For a really great Open Source productivity tool we definitely recommend Super Productivity - available on desktop and web super-productivity.com/
very very cool

This sounds great out of context
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@Giorgiaa_m_ Yaaas, can't wait for those tears! 😭

If you're at @fosscomm2019@twitter.com, you might want to check the excellently organized @Nextclouders@twitter.com & @openSUSE@twitter.com booths! 🎈

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