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Isn't 2020 the year they use in the old sci-fi movies?

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"You will only regret the things you didn't do", they say.

Until you try to cut your own hair.

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Hey @BashkiaTirane@twitter.com there is no reason to play the Albanian National Anthem through the loud speakers in the city center. Please stop doing this, especially when we are talking about a transnational health crisis!

As much as I hate talking about work during a situation like this, it's very tempting for people to give away their privacy for the ability to communicate with others, but the fight against data collection shouldn't stop at any point in time
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Not surprised. @Cloud68HQ we will work hard in the next days to help people stay away for evil proprietary tech that spy on us! twitter.com/dhh/statu…

I finally managed to figure out how to access my NAS from the entire world with Digicom(ISP) after many years ("The case against my router - Part 2"). So now my website runs on ! And of course, blog post in SQ and EN about how to have your own server coming soon

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I finally had a little bit of time from everything, so I decided to take care of my broken recycled NAS, and after checking @yunohost@twitter.com (Recommended to me by @rskikuli@twitter.com), I decided to switch from manual work to automated personal online infrastructure. But that's not all...

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You know we’re not living in a simulation because taking a deep breath doesn’t cost in-game currency.

How about you try one right now.
It’s basically cheating.

Apply. Now.
Are you interested in volunteering for OSCAL in 16-17 May 2020 🗓?
If you would like to help us please sign up here📄: osc.al/cfv
Your help is very important for us and every dedication is taken in consideration!🤗


WHAT? IT'S 5 NOW?!!!!
somebody needs to stop the clock from ticking..
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4 years ago I joined @OpenLabsAlbania.
These have been the best years of my life!
Lots of love

MonicaCRM will forever be the coolest project in my heart
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What’s coming in the next weeks:

- audit logs: see who’s done what and when. Lots of different uses for this in the future.
- a new concept: groups.
- a new UI for the web version.
- and a new iOS mobile app.

Can’t wait to show you!

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First time at as 🤩

Enjoying the talks with people behind some of our favourite open source projects: @davx5app@twitter.com @Nextclouders@twitter.com @RocketChat@twitter.com @gitlab@twitter.com @Mattermost@twitter.com. Looking forward to meeting more 🤗🤗

If you were wondering why the photos are a bit blurry:
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Happy to share some insights on what we do at @OpenLabsAlbania at the Pre-FOSDEM Event 2020 organized by @fsfe.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Keep up with the great open source work.

Pictures by @kominoshja

Come say hi! ◉‿◉
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Today we are joining the Pre-FOSDEM meeting organized by @fsfe. @mariana_balla & @kominoshja are there.

Thanks for the invitation @fsfe!

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On our way to to attend @fosdem@twitter.com 🧳✈️

Looking forward to meeting the people behind some very cool projects. ping @kominoshja@twitter.com @ArapiSilva@twitter.com @SidorelaUku@twitter.com if you want to discuss on something with us or just wanna say hi.😄 👋👋

This page is the only reason why I check Twitter
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"There are many reasons students decide to pursue a PhD degree. One under-explored reason is revenge."
- @caromholland

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Dance like nobody's watching.
Email like it will one day be read aloud at a deposition.

You *gotta* see the new site.
Definitely not biased
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It was about time ➡️ Mega happy to 🚀 launch our shiny brand 🆕 oscal.openlabs.cc website! Do pay us a visit and let us know if you like it 😊.

CFP opens today, stay tuned 🤗

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