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me: can you approve my pull request

reviewer: are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?

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A promising set of candidates for this year’s @openstreetmap Foundation elections, but most of all I hope @grischard is elected: smart, grounded, widely experienced and with a real sense of OSM’s potential, he’d be a great asset to the board and to the project in general

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An informative flippingbook that can give you an idea on the damage level of a building, after an earthquake! online.flippingbook.com/view/3

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@kominoshja Whaaaat? So cool! Thank you and welcome to the Proton family. Don't hesitate to ping us if you have any questions :)

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Today the Durrës Court District considered Xhulia Aliaj’s arrest legal. Xhulia is free however the court sentenced her to obligatory appearance. The hearing took place behind the cracked walls of the building and amid an earthquake of 2.8 magnitude.

Finally migrated my email to @ProtonMail! Loving every encrypted bit👾🔒

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Edi Rama has threatened to "shut down" media that is criticising the ongoing issue with the relief effort. How about putting the energy into resolving the issue instead of threatening journalists? exit.al/en/2019/11/28/rama-thr

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in Durrës, one of the most affected cities from the , is forcing the workers to go to the office to work while the building is unsafe.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Even China has better privacy laws
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Today the Alb govt proposed a draft law that will enable the State Police to, among other things, detain people & curtail their freedom of movement, seize their passports & assets, access their residence & private communications, all without a court order.

STOP the sale of .ORG! Tell @icann_president and @ICANN board chair to stop the sale of @PIRegistry to private equity. @SullivanISOC & @jnevett need to listen to . Add your name to the opposition. Sign the letter. SaveDotOrg.org

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So, after some time of intensive work spent, the 2nd of December at Innospace Tirana, we present the project/website 'The Albanian House'. If curious, make sure to save the date :)
Thanks to Swiss Cultural Fund Albania for the support.

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Humans are meant to be loved.

Objects are meant to be used.

Things go astray when objects are loved and humans are used.

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👉🏿 Open Source is the way 👈🏿

Most of the sites I use run @letsencrypt@twitter.com (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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RT if you were on a website @letsencrypt@twitter.comses a Let's Encrypt certificate.

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To the despicable men in police uniforms intimidating and violating students: we know who you are. This doesn't end here.

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In January the exposition 'Into nothingness' about @ArjenKamphuis@twitter.com @Hack42@twitter.com We are putting together a book (English) with his best articles for this occasion. Help us print it, buy the book or donate:


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Contributing to projects with global communities teaches you way more than just technology. I think it's inevitable to learn about new cultures, and how different yet similar we all are.

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