Note to self re: learning to program as a student:

-Ask for help more often.
-Treat it like playing the piano. You must first learn the language (intensive study), and then practice, practice, practice (hours/time)!!!!
-Private tutors may help and are an investment e.g. encouragement/discipline
-Write your own music/programs to show true understanding of the art
-Research/Read/stay actively interested in learning
-Get involved with a community project where you have accountability to perform


(continued)re: learning to program as a student:

-Stop comparing your learning progress to others.. it's not a race. There will always be someone better and more knowledgeable than you especially when it comes to specialised interests.
-do take a moment to celebrate the small wins, e.g. "look how far I've come since the start of the year!"
-encourage others with their learning progress too.
-avoid coders who are arseholes to newbies
-find role models/mentor other students/join study groups.

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