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a disturbing thing is that my utility, pkgconf, is basically in most modern unix systems at this point. it is also included in many commercial toolchains. toolchains benefit greatly from pkgconf as a tool. but guess how much pkgconf brings in? $0

not a single commercial vendor who has included pkgconf in their product has ever bothered to pay for maintenance of pkgconf.

the only time I have ever been paid to work on pkgconf is when I was working for a startup, who recognized that pkgconf was a key part of their build system and decided to allow me to use some of my hours to work on pkgconf and other Alpine toolchain issues. but that's indirectly. that's not a company saying "hey pkgconf is a key part of our product, here's $$$ to maintain it."

if pkgconf maintenance were properly funded, that alone, would cover all of my expenses. instead us free software developers all have to set up patreons and stuff because the invention of docker ate all the systems development jobs.
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But seriously I do want help developing a new browser engine! I've got enough on my plate, but as a browser developer I feel a certain responsibility.

So if you're a developer who's also concerned about the collapse in browser divirsity, or even just security or accessibility, please tell me your interests and I might be able to suggest a smaller component for you to tackle in whatever spare time you have.

Making WebCrypto play nice with Go crypto made my brain melt. I can't believe how bad js is with low level stuff. Having to deal with utf16 should be dead in 2019.

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1. #zemlin PAC takes over Linux.com and claims it'll support GNU/Linux news
2. For a while site does news
3. Site turns to #marketing outlet of corporate #zemlinPAC members (for payments)
4. All site's staff sacked http://techrights.org/2019/06/05/linux-com-future-uncertain/
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We reached #300 followers here on Mastodon, thanks!
Help us grow this number, help us spreading the good word about #UbuntuTouch, the indipendent and #opensource mobile OS! 😃

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Offensive opinion on tech stuff 

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The people behind Kaidan, a user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client, would like your help. They need someone to test their latest builds on Ubuntu Touch. Is that you? are you interested? Follow the link.


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Kaidan

Day 4:
Still can't get Gnuk to install on a cheap ST-link programmer clone.

When I'm done, totally going to ignore the effort and tell everyone how super cool I am for making crypto token for just 2$.


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