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Chapter 1 of A Rainless Sky is live now at the link below! (you may need to clear cache)

A Rainless Sky is an interactive murder mystery set in a fantasy world with a magic system of my own devising. Chapter 2 should be ready in the next couple of days; depending on your choices, the murder will either take place in this chapter or that one.

From now on, checkpoints will work so you don't have to replay the whole thing each time.

Boosts welcome. :)

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One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

Recently, I discovered this lightweight download accelerator called Axel

Day 3 of

For the first of the year, I shared my experience with different video players on

Day 1 of

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A tutorial on how to add based comments to your static website using (probably will work on too)

This is day 69 (nice) of

Make sure to leave a comment if you want to test it yourself, although it has worked for a while now :P

I was feeling bored, so created a small site for cat lovers

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